Downsizing Yet Again . . .

It must be abundantly clear to all that I’ve been far from active in-world for some time. RL has been both busy, challenging and temperamental for quite some time. Lately, it has been a little too much of each of these things.Read More »


This is most disconcerting…

I mentioned my issues with performance and, noting that I do not experience these issues anywhere else on the grid including in my skybox, I was told that this is an improvement over where they were before the changes. Odd, then, that I did not experience these issues before the changes and they occur consistently now that the changes are in place. I think I need to find a new location to move to.Read More »

Not much ado about anything…

Well, well, well. I went to my shop in Steam SkyCity to see the new changes to the infrastructure. Fairly nice, but… It seems that the entire sim is now completely bogged down for me. I don’t know if its me, the new infrastructure or some evil plot of the reverse vampires and the Rand corporation. I’m guessing the latter.Read More »

I have a new blog (yet another!)

Since the beginning of time, or rather, since the beginning of this blog, I’ve tried to keep within character most of the time. There has been the odd occasion that I’ve veered off a little, such as my last rant entry. Well, I’ve decided that it is important to keep this blog in character as much as possible, yet I’ve always wanted to discuss other things on my mind. Things that interest me, make me happy or perhaps make me upset. Enter (yes, I’ve registered a domain name, whatever that is, for it…. That makes 10 for me now, I think).Read More »