My Newest Project – the meta.World

Lately, I’ve been pondering the existence of the metaverse. I’ve thought about the various worlds out there (SL, There, Active Worlds, IMVU, etc) and I wonder where we are headed. The concept is intriguing, but the implementations need work. All of them.Read More »


And gone . . . (no, not me!!)

It seems ironic that as soon as I mention that I will shut down my shops, I get a flurry of activity such that for the very first time since my in-world birth, I am self sufficient. Sales have increased and with the sale of the last of my land (and closure of my outlet shops) except for the 512m plot in Steam SkyCity, I am finally slightly better than breaking even. But something else happened that truly hit home and made a very big impact upon me.Read More »

The time has come

I knew that one day I would have to come to terms with the fact that sales have always been low, but lately, my sales have been nearly non-existent. Is it the global economy? Is it that my products merely suck? Is it the particular shade of green in my logo? I expect its a combination of a number of things.Read More »

Two down and one to go!

Dare I say that the sale of both the monastery and the cottage have taken place. Shortly after posting the advertisements, I received an IM stating interest in the monastery by a friend. At the same time, another had mentioned interest in the cottage. Within minutes, the cottage had been sold and later in the evening, the friend, who by then had managed to arrive in world, purchased the Monastery.Read More »

Rental Rights For Sale

It all started one day when looking for Victorian Steampunk paraphernalia, I stumbled upon New Babbage. I was quite taken by the land’s slightly darker vision of steampunk from that of Caledon. I sat and waited until time came that I could afford a property and that one would come available. That day came and I became the proud owner of a plot within Babbage Palisade.Read More »