Not much ado about anything…

Well, well, well. I went to my shop in Steam SkyCity to see the new changes to the infrastructure. Fairly nice, but… It seems that the entire sim is now completely bogged down for me. I don’t know if its me, the new infrastructure or some evil plot of the reverse vampires and the Rand corporation. I’m guessing the latter.

I tried to update my shop to account for the differences in positioning. The new walkway is a we bit higher and a wee bit narrower (for now), so I had to put in a ramp so customers would not fall to a watery grave. That would be most inconvenient. Unfortunately, after a couple minutes, I could no longer control myself. Movements took minutes to respond. It is, at least for now, completely useless for me.

I’m praying that things improve quickly. I don’t want to have to move to another region.


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