Here you shall find the ramblings of a Victorian gentleman in the modern age. Newbe longs for a time when gasoline had not yet become ubiquitous. A time where the impossible is possible as long as it sounds plausible. Yes, he could merely wait for it as one day gasoline will no longer exist. No, the past is what he seeks. A past that did not exist except in the minds of a few creative individuals with a pen.

I suppose a little background should be in order. . . .

Name:             Newbelius (Newbe) Writer, IV
Title:               Unknown
Occupation:   Inventor, Builder, Philanthropist and Professor of Steam Studies

Newbe Writer hales from the new world. Born in the distant territory of British Columbia, known for its trees and coal, Newbe migrated to the east, or Upper Canada, to be specific. A general handyman by trade, he came into his fortune by constructing steam equipment for the landed gentry. Just the standard stuff such as steam engines, boats, airships and the occasional steam-powered moon rocket.

He is a quiet, introspective sort of fellow and may appear somewhat aloof. This, rest assured, is certainly not the case, as he is merely fretfully shy. He also has a maddening tendency of becoming distracted at the drop of a hat. Sad as it is, he may appear to be, well, gone. Poke him, it’s all good.

He has an interest in fine art and tinkering. No, not tinkling . . . tinkering. As well, building just about anything provides Newbe with a release from real life and allows for his creative expression. If asked politely, he may even volunteer to help build things.

As a consequence of his humble beginnings, he lacks the social graces common amongst the citizens of his new homeland of the Independent State of Caledon. Secretly, he hopes no-one notices. In spite of his failings, he does attempt to put his best foot forward and always enjoys lending a helping hand when called upon.

Of Newbe’s distant past, little is known. Further, his parents never explained the family history. It is thought that his grandfather left his homeland during a social uprising in his native land. A time when aristocracy and gentry were seen to be the oppressors of the nation. Beyond this, all is merely speculation.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello. I’m an SL n00b; I’ve tried using SL before, but my efforts were stymied by my old crap computer. I bought a sleek new laptop a few weeks ago, and have been trying out SL on a good machine for once, though now I have to content with dodgy WiFi sometimes. Anyway, I was wondering where in-world I can buy your type 302 Pince Nez. I’ve seen your other glasses around, but thought the 302 was particuarly awesome. (I looked in up on Onrez.)

    Yeah, I’m pretty new to this all, like I mentioned. I apoplogize if there is a very simple solution to buying it that I was not aware of.

    –Turing aka Ian

  2. Hello, Mr Timeless,

    Thank you for your interest in my Pince Nez! First, I have to say, never appologize for not knowing how to do something. Life, whether real or virtual, is a learning process. We come into existance with no inherent knowledge and through experience and instinct, we learn how to do the things we need for survival.

    Although I have been in-world for a little over a year (my rez day was in March), there are a great many things I do not know how to do. In many ways I am still true to my first name. I’m glad that there are many things yet to learn, or I’d become stagnant and my would would cease to hold interest for me.

    Back to the question at hand… I’m glad I was fortunate enough to find you in-world, so that I was able to help you directly, never the less, here is how to purchase my items. There are a few ways, really.

    The first and most common way is to go to a Writer Steam Works outlet, such Writer Clock Works in Babbage Palisade, Writer Steam Works Outlet in Port Babbage or my flagship store in Caledon SteamSkyCity. To get to the one in SteamSkyCity, go to this location: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Caledon%20SteamSkyCity/56/78/76/

    There, you will find all of my vendors, along with ones from friends that share the shop space with me (Kheph777 Enoch, Equine McMillan and soon, Eladrienne Laval). I’ve been told that I don’t make it easy for people to know what to do or where to go, so I’ve recently updated the vendors with a new look. The buttons on the front now have arrows, so hopefully they are a little more intuitive.

    Each vendor lists a different type of product. In the outlet in Port Babbage, different products are on one vendor simply because of prim limits. Use the right and left arrows to find the specific product you want, right-click on the vendor and select “Pay”. It will bring up a dialog box asking you to confirm your payment for that item.

    Another way to buy is directly from OnRez. Find the item you want and purchase it. You will be given an option to whom the item is to go. The default will be you. Of course, to buy from OnRez, you need a balance, so you would have to add funds to your account.

    The third way to buy from Writer Steam Works is through SLExchange. At present, I only have a few items listed as their commission makes it difficult to find value for the vendor when objects cost very little. The unscripted glasses are pretty low cost, so I’ve not listed them.

    So, welcome to Writer Steam Works.


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