Downsizing Yet Again . . .

It must be abundantly clear to all that I’ve been far from active in-world for some time. RL has been both busy, challenging and temperamental for quite some time. Lately, it has been a little too much of each of these things.

I’ve decided that, due to my much-needed austerity measures, I could no longer keep my mainland parcel. My monthly sales, although never great, are sufficient to maintain the tier for the shop in Steam SkyCity, but nothing more.
My hopes to resume my bigger projects had long since passed when I realized that the spousal approval I had previously received was not truly to be. No further comment is necessary.

I will still come in-world and will maintain my shop and the existing products. I might even get around to finishing some new ones I had been working on for some time. I do not expect it likely that I will attend any social events, but then again, I haven’t been to one in many months.


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