Anybody home…

Ok, it has been nearly a year since my last post. That clearly qualifies me as being remiss. Well, I’ve been busy… until recently.

Due to RL issues, I had to pretty much stay away from SL. A certain someone, I won’t mention my lovely wife, wanted me to pursue my goals, but felt that if I spent time doing so, I was being negligent. I therefore decided to put all outstanding projects on hold. But there was a problem.

You see, my RL job as an IT manager was getting increasingly disappointing. In fact, one could even say that my frustration with my job was causing me to think very unhappy thoughts. Very, very unhappy indeed. Yes, those thoughts. Well, that came to an end when my (now) former VP decided to reduce the headcount in our department. Apparently middle managers are not necessary, even if they are the only one there who has a clue at all about the network. HA!

Well, I knew it would come. My (now) former VP is racist and never approved of my wife. WTF??? I’m caucasian and she is black. It’s a mix that works for me and it’s a mix that should only matter to me and my wife. But, he started to question EVERYTHING I did, assuming that since I made such a poor decision in marrying someone outside my race, I clearly cannot know a thing about IT. Well, I know far more than he will ever know. And I’m not so damned close minded as to allow an inter-racial marriage of one of my staff to affect a working relationship. What an arrogant prick.

On the plus side, I have much more free time now. I have begun working on my vending system again. I’ve started to work on some long-outstanding projects and I’ve started development of what I hope will be a series of games on Facebook. Plus, prospects are starting to look good in the IT Manager/Director market. You see, with over 30 years of programming experience, 18 years of IT experience and 11 years of IT management experience, I’m very qualified for an IT job anywhere in the world.

Although I’d prefer to stay in Canada, I’m open to offers in various parts of the US (I’m a Canadian citizen with a diploma that qualifies for fast track to employment under the free trade agreement). Heck, I’d even move to the UK as it’s a place that has long fascinated me. My wife, being a US citizen, said that she would follow me anywhere. You can see why I love her dearly.

Oh, and my stress level is down. The very, very, very unhappy thoughts are gone. Life is fantastic and I owe it all to a racist former employer. Rot in hell, you bastard prick.

Zowie, did I really just say all that? Darn tootin’!


3 thoughts on “Anybody home…

  1. It’s good to get things out you know? And yes, your boss was a racist jerk. What an idiot!

    Keep your chin up Newbe. It’ll all work out for you.

    Good luck and continue to stay positive,

  2. I know things will work out, I just fear I will experience very difficult times before they improve. Sadly, my emotional state for the past couple years has impacted my life in ways I’m only now beginning to understand.

    And, he still is a racist jerk! 😎 But, even with the difficulties I am now experiencing, I know that I will be better for the experience. I will come out stronger and better.

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