I have a new blog (yet another!)

Since the beginning of time, or rather, since the beginning of this blog, I’ve tried to keep within character most of the time. There has been the odd occasion that I’ve veered off a little, such as my last rant entry. Well, I’ve decided that it is important to keep this blog in character as much as possible, yet I’ve always wanted to discuss other things on my mind. Things that interest me, make me happy or perhaps make me upset. Enter www.newbelius.com (yes, I’ve registered a domain name, whatever that is, for it…. That makes 10 for me now, I think).

I do realize that I’ve been somewhat less than verbose recently. Those who know me understand some of the difficulties I’ve been experiencing. I do find that I am beginning to find more time for these pursuits, therefore I intent to ramp up the content creation.

Now, my new blog, Newbelius Rebellious Rex, is going to be a place where I initiate conversations on a wide variety of subjects. I will also use it as a platform to try some new ideas that I have regarding viral content development (whatever that is). Also, seeing as I host that site myself, I have the ability to add content that cannot be added here. For example, I can write my own plugins. I can develop my own themes and I can add auto-Twitter-submitter-thingamajig.

Yes, I’m also now on Twitter. I had been a long-time holdout from Twitter. In fact, I couldn’t really see the point. Until I tried it out! Yes, I didn’t like peas as a child either, until I tried them. Well, I’m too disorganized to ever directly post on Twitter, BUT if I can do it without thinking about it, so much the better!

So, check out my new blog (it will surely morph quite dramatically along the way) and check me out on Twitter (newbelius).

Hmmmm…. Are there other things I can do out there?


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