This is most disconcerting…

I mentioned my issues with performance and, noting that I do not experience these issues anywhere else on the grid including in my skybox, I was told that this is an improvement over where they were before the changes. Odd, then, that I did not experience these issues before the changes and they occur consistently now that the changes are in place. I think I need to find a new location to move to.

I’ve been in Steam SkyCity since the beginning of that sim. It has always been a fairly laggy sim because of its complexity. It is, to say the least, quite full of imaginative creations. Unfortunately, if I cannot remain within my shop for more than 2 or 3 minutes, I cannot use the space. My wife is going on an extended vacation to help her get past a rather nasty health issue (some allergy that had never affected her prior), so I will have much time to work, especially since I am currently “freelance”. If I cannot get some work done on my property, I will have to move to another place. I cannot, considering my current “freelance” status, pay for multiple properties, so….

Perhaps I should try the new viewer. Ya, that ought to increase the joy level.


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