The Internet is NOT the cause of all evil

Ok, this is very much out of character, but I could not resist but to comment on something I just read. It seems that some people are just unwilling to open their minds with respect to new technology. This closed-minded behaviour clouds their perception of facts and can cause them to spew trash on the pages (or, ironically, on the Internet) in the form of misinformed commentary.

A Canadian reporter (and I am embarrassed to mention that I am Canadian as well) has commented about how the Internet has played a part in the killing of a person. Was the weapon bought on-line? No. Did the person who did the killing use the Internet in order to find someone to kill? No. The killer and the person who wanted their mother killed used chat to communicate.

Excuse me? Chat? They chatted? Clearly, if not for the Internet, no crime would have been committed. Oh, the humanity! Ummm… Miss Blatchford, there’s another evil technology that you might wish to lash out at. It’s called a standard, old phone. People use it to chat. Do you not think that perhaps the girl and her boyfriend might have used a phone or, and I’m reaching here, regular old human-to-human voice conversation to discuss their deeds? Oh my Lord! Speaking is evil too!

Oh, for Pete’s sake!

Miss Blatchford, the Internet is not to blame for evil. Evil exists. The Internet merely provides one additional source of contact for evil behavior. Further, not everyone writes in the “grunting pig English of the web.” Some of us are quite eloquent and are able to hold entire, intelligible conversations without using the letter ‘u’ as a word in and of itself.

Oh, and lest I forget, what on Earth is an “omnivorous chat?” Were they discussing a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich? The horror! The horror!



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