And gone . . . (no, not me!!)

It seems ironic that as soon as I mention that I will shut down my shops, I get a flurry of activity such that for the very first time since my in-world birth, I am self sufficient. Sales have increased and with the sale of the last of my land (and closure of my outlet shops) except for the 512m plot in Steam SkyCity, I am finally slightly better than breaking even. But something else happened that truly hit home and made a very big impact upon me.Read More »


Judge not lest ye be judged. . . Ok, judge.

In my last posting, I briefly mentioned the wonderful build that Eladrienne Laval and Kheph777 Enoch created in the Rezzable Garden of NPIRL Delights. I had been there to visit a couple days ago, but in all my infinite wisdom, managed to take exactly ZERO snapshots! Can you believe it? I was awe struck. Today I managed to rectify that situation as I popped in-world this morning with my view camera on its stand.Read More »

I’m dreaming of a dystopian, Dickensian world. . .

Recently, I was chatting with a couple friends and I expressed my idea to create a new region in-world. The idea is to create a Dark Victorian Steampunk sim. You see, I love Caledon, but it can be a little too clean for me at times. I like the grimy atmosphere presented within a Dickensian world. I like a little dystopia with my afternoon tea, thank you very much. I like unfettered speculative technology that is explainable in a semi-plausible fashion. I like evil, mad science.Read More »

More Skydiving Lifts with added Victorianism!

For some time, I had intended to add to my line of skydiving lifts. Up until recently, I had my 4 and 8-seat Steampunk Skydiving Lifts available on OnRez, SLExchange and in-world at SteamSkyCity, Babbage Palisade and Port Babbage. I felt the need for something that leans a little more towards Victorian and a bit less towards Steampunk (or my vision of steampunk). So, today I announce my Victorian Steampunk Skydiving Lifts in 4 and 8 seat versions, plus my new favourite, the 8-Seat Victorian Steampunk Skydiving Balloon!Read More »

Now this is over the top . . .

No, I have not lost my mind. Well, not completely, anyway. As long-time readers will agree, I do not, by any stretch of the imagination, consider myself an expert with graphics tools. Truth be told, I am able to just do what I need to get done. Usually. My weakest point has always been original creative expression, thus I have always found it extremely challenging to come up with a logo that simply is not ugly.Read More »