And gone . . . (no, not me!!)

It seems ironic that as soon as I mention that I will shut down my shops, I get a flurry of activity such that for the very first time since my in-world birth, I am self sufficient. Sales have increased and with the sale of the last of my land (and closure of my outlet shops) except for the 512m plot in Steam SkyCity, I am finally slightly better than breaking even. But something else happened that truly hit home and made a very big impact upon me.Read More »


A genuinely useful program . . .

I don’t generally write of such modern items as “software,” whatever that is, but I’ve come across something that is genuinely useful to anyone who fears losing data to the asset computational engines. I was reading an article by someone and saw mention of Second Inventory, a program that allows one to save one’s assets to their own local computational engine. Save one’s assets indeed!Read More »