And gone . . . (no, not me!!)

It seems ironic that as soon as I mention that I will shut down my shops, I get a flurry of activity such that for the very first time since my in-world birth, I am self sufficient. Sales have increased and with the sale of the last of my land (and closure of my outlet shops) except for the 512m plot in Steam SkyCity, I am finally slightly better than breaking even. But something else happened that truly hit home and made a very big impact upon me.Read More »


New products just released

Although times have been difficult, I have been madly working on a few large projects as well as a couple that have been in the queue for far too long. While working on the large projects, I have spent some relaxing time creating three new clocks and one new skydiving lift. First the clocks.Read More »

Two down and one to go!

Dare I say that the sale of both the monastery and the cottage have taken place. Shortly after posting the advertisements, I received an IM stating interest in the monastery by a friend. At the same time, another had mentioned interest in the cottage. Within minutes, the cottage had been sold and later in the evening, the friend, who by then had managed to arrive in world, purchased the Monastery.Read More »

Judge not lest ye be judged. . . Ok, judge.

In my last posting, I briefly mentioned the wonderful build that Eladrienne Laval and Kheph777 Enoch created in the Rezzable Garden of NPIRL Delights. I had been there to visit a couple days ago, but in all my infinite wisdom, managed to take exactly ZERO snapshots! Can you believe it? I was awe struck. Today I managed to rectify that situation as I popped in-world this morning with my view camera on its stand.Read More »