New products just released

Although times have been difficult, I have been madly working on a few large projects as well as a couple that have been in the queue for far too long. While working on the large projects, I have spent some relaxing time creating three new clocks and one new skydiving lift. First the clocks.

In traditional Writer Clock Works style, the new clocks maintain an antique look and feel. Well, as antique as one can achieve whilst using popup windows (whatever those are) for setting time! Each of the new clocks is the first in a new series. I’ve released a wall clock, a street clock and a tower clock. Some of you may recognize the design of the tower clock as being that which resides (for now) upon the tower of Writer Clock Works in Babbage Palisade.

Of course, as the lease rights to the property in Babbage Palisade are currently for sale (for the measly sum of L$12k), the clock will likely not be there for much longer. Unless, of course, I somehow manage to win a lottery or land a large building contract. Yes, the clock will likely not be there much longer.

The street clock is a simple clock with a sculpted pedestal for the stand. It is beautiful and reminiscent of clocks often placed at street corners during the Victorian era.

The wall clock came from a special request from a new friend. She wanted a clock that could be set to multiple time zones (five, in fact) to account for her friends around the globe. The current in-world selection tends to be rather stark and very contemporary-office in style. She requested a clock that encompasses the Steampunk aesthetic. I’ve seen her land and felt that not just steampunk, but Victorian Steampunk would be best, and thus the Type 301 wall clock was born. Although it looks extremely primmy, by using sculpted gears, I was able to keep the clock down to a reasonable 31 prims. Had I used regular prims, that count would easily have doubled!

The fourth product that I’ve released is a bit of a departure for me. Actually, it is the start of a new direction in my virtual life. No, I am not leaving Victorian Steampunk, but I will be broadening my horizons. My Skydiving lifts have been moderately successful over the past year (and some), but my original plan was to create a plethora of designs to fit nearly any occasion. Themed skydiving lifts.

I’m not looking to get into the skydiving competition equipment field. That area is already covered by the extremely talented Cubey Terra and I don’t think I could ever achieve what he has created. In fact, people have noted that I currently do not include a freebie parachute with my lifts. Instead, I regularly send people to the Terra Aerodrome for such products. I have, on the other hand, been asked if I intend to release a steampunk parachute and my answer has always been “perhaps one day.” That day is coming soon. But, for your advanced needs, Mr Terra is to whom you should look.

Back to the themed skydiving lifts. I’ve released the Lift-O-Magic 1000 4-seat skydiving lift (soon to be followed by the 8-seat version, if I can finish the photography). It is a distinctly modern design, or rather a retro impression of modern. It is the first in the Lift-O-Magic line, which will be the non-Victorian Steampunk skydiving lifts.

I hope to release many designs in the future to complement the skydiving products already available in the marketplace. Assuming, of course, I can continue to find inspiration. Idea suggestions are always welcomed and if a design idea is used in a final product, the suggester shall receive the first off the assembly line on the house!


3 thoughts on “New products just released

  1. I’ve tried, but it doesn’t want to take. I put each of these items on SLX, but for some reason, they won’t show up in the listings. For the life of me, I cannot figure out what I’ve done wrong. I’ve placed a support ticket, so hopefully I will have this resolved shortly.

    In the mean time, all of my products are available through OnRez or in my main store in Steam SkyCity.

  2. Ok, that was quick. Although it took a while to get a response, the SLX support staff found the issue. Apparently I didn’t change the quantity available from 0 to -1 (unlimited). Odd, perhaps my memory is going in my advanced years, but I thought that -1 was the default. So thank you SLX support! You’ve got good eyes!

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