Two down and one to go!

Dare I say that the sale of both the monastery and the cottage have taken place. Shortly after posting the advertisements, I received an IM stating interest in the monastery by a friend. At the same time, another had mentioned interest in the cottage. Within minutes, the cottage had been sold and later in the evening, the friend, who by then had managed to arrive in world, purchased the Monastery.

This particular sale filled me with mixed emotions. First, by selling the two properties, I can afford to remain in-world for at least another 8-12 months, assuming that I do not have tier in Babbage to pay. That’s good (for me, at least…. you may be saying to yourself “Curses, foiled again!”).

But, I truly loved the monastery. The monastery was not merely a build, but a passion for me from an architectural and a spiritual perspective. To have to part with it hurt me inside deeply.

But, (yes, another but) the new owner said that she would like to keep the build intact! That made me happier than you could imagine. My soul was refreshed and encouraged to continue! Believe me when I say that I was ecstatic.

Yet, in the end, I am still saddened by the loss. There was a sense of pride in having created the builds. I love building in SL. I would be a very happy man if I could make creating in SL as my main career. To take an idea and change that into a reality, even if merely virtual, is exciting and uplifting. To see what one has created and to hear even just one person say “it’s nice” is a wonderful feeling.

Perhaps in time, RL issues will finally be sorted out and I will be able to attain more land to develop. Perhaps my little development company will get enough paid business (as opposed to none like it is now getting) that I may retire from my day job. Until then, I will continue to plug away, though I think I will be on a brief sabbatical starting very soon.

Until then, I certainly hope that someone decides to purchase my plot in Babbage Palisade. 2048m, centrally located, only $2000L/week rental. Open to reasonable offers. I’ll even throw in the building!


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