More Rental Rights for sale

It seems that RL has taken its toll to a much greater extent than I had anticipated. I thought I could weather the storm, but the storm still continues unabated. To that end, I find that I must detier a little further. This time, I’m selling both my cottage and monastery in Steam SkyCity.

Yes, I know. I only just acquired the monastery land, but things happen and sometimes one must deal with them. In this case, a situation has arisen in RL that takes priority. I didn’t want to do it, but I must sell these two properties. Each currently has a little over two weeks of rental paid on the meter.

The cottage in Steam SkyCity

Ok, first, the cottage…. I have used the cottage as a home as well as the base for Spectacular Spectacles, the line of glasses from Writer Steam Works. It is a nice Victorian cottage with a hint of Georgian stylings. Just a hint. I will, if the buyer is interested, include the cottage plus the elevator. If not, they can be removed. It’s the buyer’s choice.

Back view of the cottage in Steam SkyCity
Back view of the cottage in Steam SkyCity
The cottage sits on a 1024m parcel at the southeast corner of Aether Isle ( It has a spectacular view of Glengarry and the duchies to the south. Water access on two sides with road access in front. For this plot, I am asking L$14,000 including all objects. I’ll need, of course, to adjust permissions for the buyer. The price is negotiable. The weekly rent is L$900, payable to the lamp post on the street.

Second is the Stormhold Monastery in Steam SkyCity. The original Stormhold Monastery (then in Stormhold as the name would suggest) was a sprawling mass that obscured the skyline. The current Stormhold Monastery is a more Gothic structure with a couple steampunk twists. I’ve had a great deal of fun building the structure and all the assorted hidden features such as the cellar and the hidden staircase. It even has an elevator.

The Stormhold Monastery in Steam SkyCity
The Stormhold Monastery in Steam SkyCity

Ideally, I would like to find a purchaser that is willing to keep the monastery intact (with personalizations, of course). If only because of the underground tunnelling that has been taking place in Steam SkyCity. Of course, ultimately it is up the the new buyer to decide what the future shall hold. I will, of course, include the monastery with its extras in the sale of the land, should the buyer desire, except for the brewery equipment, vendors and Maniacal, Mechanical Monk, of course. I will include the clock.

The monastery is located on a 1024m parcel directly between Writer Steam Works Ballroom and Gallery and the Falcon Tower L.S.T.R. ( It has water access on one side and road access on the other. Oh, yes, and tunnel access to the the Ballroom and Gallery, Falcon Tower and Lord Smashington. All this for a mere L$14,000. This again is negotiable. The weekly rent is L$900, payable to the lamp post on the street.


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