Animation: I’m disheartened

For many months, I’ve been trying to find an animator to create a few animations for a particular project. I’ve had a number that have promised work, went away and when I tried to contact them to find the status, never heard back. The latest is the last straw.

Long ago, I promised to create a custom product for someone. I finished the prim work and scripting a very long time ago, but she asked for something in this project that I wasn’t able to do on my own: animations. In order to complete the project, I’ve tried to learn to do animations, but have been spectacularly unsuccessful. In fact, the animations that I have managed to complete look really quite ridiculous. I envy people who have mastered that skill.

At some point, I realized that no matter how hard I tried, I was not going to be able to create believable animations, so I tried to find someone that could. I checked with my online friends, but only was pointed to vendors of prepackaged ones. I’ve looked at what seem like billions, but none even come close, so I know I need to get someone to do the animations for me.

I sent notecards to animation shop owners asking for their help. Those that replied have generally said they do not do custom animations because of the time involved, but there were a couple that have said that they could do it. Many times, I was very happy only to be sent into extreme sadness when the animator didn’t follow through.

I searched specifically for custom animators using both Google and SL’s search features. A few popped up, but mostly I found ads for animation vendors that sell only non-transfer or non-copy animations. I sent notecards to the custom animators that I could find, but same situation as before: unfulfilled promises and more sadness.

Many times I’ve felt like just giving up. This one project has created a vast sense of self-loathing. I know it’s silly, but tears come to my eyes when I think about how I’ve not completed this project after so many months. I’m willing to pay for the animation service, but it seems that no one wants my money. I already know that I’ve become somewhat of an outcast, but the inability to complete the project has made me feel like I deserve being an outcast.

I need help. I need someone that not only is able to do the animations for me, but actually do them.


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