New projects coming up (including a photo contest!)

Although RL is busier than I thought it could possibly be, I have decided to embark on a couple new projects that should ultimately take up all my remaining time. One of these projects I shall briefly discuss here and the other will have to wait until I have more of the details in order.

As my friends know, I have been greatly disheartened by my inability to complete a certain project that I started some time ago. At first, it was that I came into a severe lack of time, followed by a serious illness that kept me from doing anything for a few months. Most recently, though, I’ve come to the stark realization that I utterly suck at animations. I can program reasonably well, though there are many who can do it better. I can build objects reasonably well, though I’m not the best 3d designer around. I can even make textures that aren’t completely terrible (sometimes), but I cannot make an animation to save my life!

I truly want to complete this one project so that I can move on in life. If you know of someone who is reasonably good at animations that is willing to do custom work, I would love to speak with them. Although I will not accept anything in payment for this project from the person who asked me to do it, I am so desperate that I am willing to pay for this service! The animations I need are really quite simple, or so they should be, but I just don’t have the requisite skills. I tried to contact animators in SL, but no one seems to want to take custom jobs these days. Or perhaps its just me? It would have been nice if people had returned emails, but no. So, here is a plea for help. I can be emailed at nwriter AT or IMed to Newbe Writer in world. You can send me a notecard with rates or you can leave a comment with contact info. It’s all good.

Now, back to my new projects. As some people know, in Caledon Steam SkyCity, I have a Gallery and Ballroom on Aether Isle that hasn’t been used much in some time. As a matter of fact, the last event that I held there was my Septemberfest ball in, surprisingly enough, September! I’ve kept my latest skydiving lift on the roof for all to use, but I’ve been meaning to make better use of the space. I’ve just come up with what I think is a terrific use: Photo Contest.

For many years, I’ve been a lover of photography. I studied photography many years ago and then did mostly amateur stuff for years. I did photograph a wedding professionally once, but the experience was horrible, so I decided to never do a wedding again. I like abstract photography mostly and am especially pleased by black and white photography. Oddly, considering my long-standing love of computers (whatever they are), I’ve only recently begun anything in digital photography and don’t even own anything better than a point-and-shoot 9 megapixel basic camera. In film equipment, I have 35mm, 6×4.5cm, 6x7cm and 4″x5″ cameras and related paraphernalia. I LOVE photography and cameras. It’s sick, really.

I’ve wanted to join my love of cameras and my enthusiasm for virtual worlds, but never found quite the right project to have them come together. I have a great deal of extra space sitting around in the gallery, so I figured why not hold a photo contest. But there are a few twists and I’m still working out the details. Here’s what I have so far.

The contest will, hopefully, become a quarterly event. One month for submissions, one month for viewings and then one month for arrangement of RL publication. Yes, you read that correctly. I intend to take all selected photos and publish them with profits to go to the photographers or to charity if they should so prefer. Each contest will have a theme and there will be a prize for 1st and 2nd place photos. I will have a group of individuals to judge the entries and the winner will be announced at an event.

If all works out, I expect to begin accepting submissions at the end of June with a deadline for submission of July 30th. I will then unveil the photos in the gallery on the first Saturday in August and the contest winners will be selected and announced on the first Saturday in September. The winner will be able to send in an additional 4 photos for publication and the 2nd place photographer will be able to submit an additional 2 photos. Proceeds will be split amongst the photographers proportionately to the number of photos in the book. That will be on top of the prizes to be awarded (assuming that LL rules permit this… gotta check on that!!!).

The winner and 2nd place photographer will be entitled to two and one courtesy books respectively. Anyone will be able to order a copy of the book, though details will be finalized later.

Of course, there will be a theme. The theme for this photo contest will be Memories of a Bygone Era (also likely to be the title of the book). Photos must be of a historic look and feel. For example, black and white, sepia or other such monochromatic look typical of pre-1900’s photography. The subject matter should be of a PG nature, so nudes shouldn’t be submitted. We might do that in a later contest. Real-world subject matter is preferred.

Model and photographic rights releases will be required if needed for the subject matter (please ask if you are unsure). In a nutshell, if the main subject of a photo is a building, you will likely need permission for publication from the building owner. If the main subject is someone standing in front of a building, then you will need a release from the person, but not usually from the building owner. This is necessary for publication in the book.

Anyway, I will post complete contest rules within a week and will have far more details. In the interrim, I would love to hear from those that would be interested in being judges. Of course, judges cannot enter the contest, but that just makes sense.


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