More Skydiving Lifts with added Victorianism!

For some time, I had intended to add to my line of skydiving lifts. Up until recently, I had my 4 and 8-seat Steampunk Skydiving Lifts available on OnRez, SLExchange and in-world at SteamSkyCity, Babbage Palisade and Port Babbage. I felt the need for something that leans a little more towards Victorian and a bit less towards Steampunk (or my vision of steampunk). So, today I announce my Victorian Steampunk Skydiving Lifts in 4 and 8 seat versions, plus my new favourite, the 8-Seat Victorian Steampunk Skydiving Balloon!

Writer Steam Works Victorian Steampunk 8-Seat Skydiving Lift

Yes, you read that correctly: Skydiving Balloon. I have been playing with various tools to try and make sculpties with varying levels of success. I’ve stumbled across one that I will be buying, now that the trial has expired: AC3D. Now, regular readers will know that I am not exactly graphically inclined. I’m working on that. 3d graphics are even more difficult for me to master. Though I have been successful in making a rather realistic-looking balloon! I thought “why not?” and out came the skydiving balloon.

Writer Steam Works Victorian Steampunk 8-Seat Skydiving Balloon

A friend suggested that the balloon needed a more realistic rate of ascent, thus I have added menu configuration options for both slow (realistic) and fast (ridiculous) speeds. For the balloon, I think I prefer the slow speed. It gives one ample time to take in the scenery without seeming to doddle forever. The skydiving lifts, on the other hand, have just the fast speed for now.

In time, I will be making more variations in different themes, as I feel the need to branch out into different eras. Expect to see both a modern and a medieval version in the near future! As well, I’ve begun work on a parachute and will try my hand at skydiving apparel. Those are still a while away, as I’m rather busy in RL again!

Of course, the original Steampunk version is still available!

Writer Steam Works 8-Seat Steampunk Skydiving Lift

If you like, come by the Ballroom and Gallery in SteamSkyCity to try out the Balloon! It it terrific fun, but do remember to bring a parachute! Mine is still in development and thus will not be quite ready before you land.


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