I’m dreaming of a dystopian, Dickensian world. . .

Recently, I was chatting with a couple friends and I expressed my idea to create a new region in-world. The idea is to create a Dark Victorian Steampunk sim. You see, I love Caledon, but it can be a little too clean for me at times. I like the grimy atmosphere presented within a Dickensian world. I like a little dystopia with my afternoon tea, thank you very much. I like unfettered speculative technology that is explainable in a semi-plausible fashion. I like evil, mad science.

Of course, as I am part of a team in real life (I’m married and all decisions are joint decisions), I passed my idea by the missus. She has agreed with the concept on two conditions. First, it must not detract from our real lives together. That’s simple! I love her and love spending time with her, so that is an easy concession to make. The second is that the venture must be self-supporting. Yes, self-supporting… in-world… that ALWAYS happens, no?

So, I did some number crunching. It is possible to break even and perhaps even make a couple L$ per year if one does things right. For example, Mr Shang has done things right with Caledon. Prices are reasonable, the theme is fun and variable within certain restrictions and he is fair to all. Abundantly so!

I don’t expect that I could match the Guvnah, nor would I even try. But I would like to try my vision of a dystopian, Dickensian-Steampunk world. I would follow, in spirit, the covenant that Mr Shang has set down for Caledon. Fairness to all is very important. The theme would be darker, dirtier, grimier and more frightening than that of Caledon. Ok, none of those descriptions fit Caledon. Caledon is beautiful, friendly and inviting. My world would not be.

Builds must keep to the theme visually. If it looks like what you would expect in an Dickens novel, then you are on the right track. If it is powered by Cavorite, steam, fire or animals, then you are on the right track. If it is made of brick or stone or rock or decayed wood, then you are on the right track. If it has magical faeries and elves and electricity, then you’ve strayed. Sorry.

My idea is to keep some land for roads and general infrastructure. Parcels will be multiples of 512m, so 512m would be the smallest available. There would, of course, be an initial land-rental-right price and the land could be resold, much like in Caledon. Also, there would be a monthly fee for the property. I am not doing this to get rich, but I must be able to break even. That is key. I’m thinking that the price of land should be L$5/metre^2 for single prim lots and L$10/metre^2 for double prim lots. I figure that I would take a loss here, but that’s how things go. Weekly fees would be L$475/week/1024m^2 for single prim lots and  L$950/week/m^2 for double prim lots.

I am accepting names, but not funds, from anyone who is seriously interested in joining this region. Once we have enough land reserved for the first sim, I will front the cost of the sim and place the order, at which time, those on the list can select their parcels and make their payments. I will not accept funds until the land is ordered! As enough parcels are reserved, additional sims would be ordered.

If you have any questions, please ask in comments or IM me (Newbe Writer) in-world. I will post a FAQ at a later time. Help spread the word!

Now, if only I could come up with a name . . . .


6 thoughts on “I’m dreaming of a dystopian, Dickensian world. . .

  1. Sounds like a variant of New Babbage 🙂 I’d be interested but my time is so slim inworld these days I don’t think I’d be able to make much use of it.

    Good luck with the venture though!

  2. I don’t think it is quite like New Babbage, Mr Pearse. Certainly not a variant. Of course, I’m new to New Babbage, but it seems to me to be more in line with traditional speculative fiction in a Wellsian or Vernian sort of way. I’m thinking of an earlier, darker period in terms of visual appearance. Yes, New Babbage is dark and the roads look dirty, but I’m thinking run down. As though the builders saved their dollars for building impossible scientific inventions and less time on buildings.

    In terms of realism… New Babbage is more aimed at realistic builds based upon the laws of physics. I’m thinking of going with builds that are not possible within the bounds of technology, but when explained with a mad-scientist bent, sound plausible. I’m not suggesting that things should be able to float for no apparent reason, of course!

    My thinking is more: if Caledon is what is beautiful about Victorian Steampunk, then this sim would be what is ugly about early Victorian Steampunk. Gears everywhere, pipes sticking out. Buildings in significant need of repair. Doors squeaking. Rats, mice and the like. Murders, jack the ripper, brothels. Ok, perhaps not brothels.

    Think darker and uglier than New Babbage.

  3. No brothels? Whatever will the gentlemen do for recreation when not engaged in murder?

    It does sound like an intriguing concept.

  4. I dare say that I hadn’t thought of that. I suppose that there is time for other recreation beyond dastardly schemes. Perhaps I have been missing out and must make ammends immediately!

    On a side note, I have spoken with others regarding this sort of themed sim. It seems that others have considered and even tried a darker Steampunk sim than what we have in New Babbage, with little to no success. Happy seems to be the operative term used to describe the eventual direction.

    Of course, a sim must be what the users want and not what I as the manager wants. People are drawn to places that fit their own sense of esthetic. They wish to build in a world that reflects their likes. I will have to think of this more before I commit. Besides, with so few people expressing interest, it would be foolhardy to jump in at this time.

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