Grand Opening of Writer Clock Works!

Here ye, here ye! Let there be no confusion on this point! Writer Clock Works will be holding the Grand Opening of their product line of beautiful virtual clocks in their new store in Babbage Palisade! Come one, come all for an exciting time of dancing, conversing and trivia! Refreshments and snacky bits shall be provided and music will be by the wonderful Radio Riel!

On Saturday, May 3rd from 4-7pm EST, we will be holding the grand opening of Writer Clock Works in Babbage Palisade. Everyone is welcome to come.

For some time, in every spare moment, I have been working on a couple new projects. The first to come to fruition is my new shop: Writer Clock Works. It started with the purchase of a 2048m plot in Babbage Palisade. The theme of the sim is pre-Victorian Steampunk. Sort of clockpunk, if you will.

I’ve always been a tinkerer and clocks have fascinated me from an early age. I have many fond memories of dissassembling clocks to see just what makes them tick. I could not resist this sim! Besides, Mr Sprocket had said that it would have city walls, inspired by the city walls of Quebec City. If you have seen my profile in-world, you may have wondered “where is that beautiful location? and why is that putz blocking much of it?”

The picture in my in-world profile was taken by my significant other as I was sitting upon the fortress wall of Quebec City. It was a short, but wonderful vacation that I will remember for the rest of my life.

While designing the building, I tried to figure out what it should look like. My shops, as some of you have probably noticed, tend to follow a certain theme. There’s a reason for that: I have no imagination what so ever! Lacking imagination helps to bring a sense of familiarity to the customer. Each building has its differences, but you always know when you are in a Writer Steam Works shop. Probably because of the vendors and signs all over the place.

I knew this new shop needed something different. I wanted to create something that I hadn’t made before. With the theme being somewhat clockpunk, I figured that it would make sense to have a clock, so I built one. I’ve you know me, you know that I love rotation, but rotation does not love me. I just haven’t taken the time to understand quaternions. Since I am not a mathematician, I likely never will. Never the less, it was high time that I overcame some of my rotation angst and a clock was just the right way to do it.

There are a couple ways to make an analog clock in-world. One can make the arms move or one can rotate textures on a single prim to simulate arm movement. I decided to make arms move. To make a child prim rotate in relation to a root prim is actually quite easy in SL. Easier than making an object rotate in relation to the world. After all, with a clock, one only needs to adjust a single rotation value for each arm as the arm spins upon a single axis. The other two axis remain unchanged, regardless of the orientation of the root prim.

After a little coding, I had the algorithm working almost correctly. Well, the arms rotated, but they never seemed to be in the correct place according to the time. Then I realized that I needed to change from degrees to radians. After a brief smack of the head, I was back to business.

After that first clock, which initially had a very simple clock face, I decided that I could create a line of clocks. After all, I was in a clockpunk sim and I had a rather large clock on the tower of my building, so it only seemed logical. Soon, I was coding like a madman, creating a series of scripts to handle all the operations of a clock. Presto! I had a grandfather clock produced. I sent it out to my minions, er, uh, friends to beta test, and soon after had created a several designs and variations.

That brings me back to the shop. Much like any Writer Steam Works building (ok, I’m down to two now), I share the space with a couple very good friends. You can find both Kheph’s Creations and E.Laval. I must say, I very much love their products! You have read my reviews of Miss Laval’s clothing, so imagine how elated I was when she accepted my offer to share my shop space! Not only does she produce some of the finest Victorian men’s clothing, but her women’s clothing is among the best on the grid! As for Kheph’s products… You have to see his latest avi’s and accessories! Very steampunky and very detailed. Simply splendid work by both of these artists!

Ok, enough gushing. Now back to me. I have had a terrific time designing these clocks. I’m quite proud of them and those who have seen them, have said they are beautiful. Of course, they are friends, so they are probably just trying to spare my feelings. No matter! I’m forging ahead. The clocks will go on sale starting this Saturday! To make things interesting, 10% of the sales of the clocks this weekend will be donated to Relay For Life!

First out of the gate will be 3 grandfather clocks, 5 variations of a mantle clock and a desk clock. The desk clock will allow the inclusion of pictures to be cycled, though it might not be ready for the opening. Pricing is still to be finalized, but I intend to make the prices competitive. No need to price one’s self out of the market, but one must also make a living!

The Mantle Clock Type 401 on display in SSC

So, make a Newbe happy and buy a clock this weekend!


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