Now this is over the top . . .

No, I have not lost my mind. Well, not completely, anyway. As long-time readers will agree, I do not, by any stretch of the imagination, consider myself an expert with graphics tools. Truth be told, I am able to just do what I need to get done. Usually. My weakest point has always been original creative expression, thus I have always found it extremely challenging to come up with a logo that simply is not ugly.

With the coming opening of my new shop in Babbage Palisade (this Saturday at 4-7pm SLT and Sunday at 7-10am SLT), I have decided that I really needed to make an effort to promote my products. With the world in which we live having more than its fair share of issues of late, it is high time that I work on shameless self promotion if I ever intend to make this a self-sustaining pass-time. In short, I need to advertise.

But, I have always feared advertising because of my lack of creativity when it comes to graphic arts. The Writer Steam Works logo, for lack of a better term, has always been merely its name in fancy print. A pale, pastel blue on a near army green background. I know that every company needs to establish a brand image with their consumer target market. A logo must be simple, memorable, recognizable and distinguishing. Well, this past weekend I decided to give it another go.

The new Writer Steam Works logo

I finally think I have a logo worthy of Writer Steam Works. We’ll have to see if it helps me to establish Writer Steam Works as a brand. Of course, no brand is worth its logo without decent product. Well, I have finally, after many months on hold, completed the script for the glasses. Well, it is almost complete. The glasses currently are in beta test. I’ve had some good feedback and am trying to satisfy the wants of my beta testers. The script will allow the user to change colour, gradient and transparency of the lenses. Soon, it will also allow the user to change the frame material between silver, gold and black titanium.

I hope to release these within a couple weeks. But, in the meantime, I have an announcement to make! After many weeks in the planning, my new product line, Writer Clock Works will be launched along with my new store in Babbage Palisade! Currently, the selection is small, but that will change, time permitting. I have 3 grandfather clocks, 4 variations of a mantle clock and a desk clock with picture viewer! The clocks can be adjusted to compensate for timezones. They make tick-tock sounds and they chime once upon the hour. You can, of course, adjust the volume level. I’ve been told that the loudest setting truly is quite loud.

Writer Clock Works is opening for business this Saturday! Yay!

I will also likely put out a line of city clocks (street clocks, tower clocks and the like). For a simple example, you can see one on the tower of the new Writer Steam, er, Clock Works in Babbage Palisade. The shop will officially open as mentioned above, but currently you can purchase products from Writer Steam Works, Kheph’s Creations and soon E.Laval Aether!

For the two opening events, scheduled such that we might be able to have people from may time zones come out to join us, will have tunes spun by Radio Riel! Come out for some splendid virtual fun. Well have refreshments and snacky bits for your enjoyment. Dancing will be in the new Lab Lounge on the second floor, while vendors will be operating on the main floor. Oh, and this time I don’t expect anyone to wonder how to get upstairs. In one corner, we have a rather large freight elevator and on the opposite corner, we have an aethereal teleportation device.

Now, on the the silly bits. I’ve decided that I need to get my logo known. To that end, I have decided to put out a line of not-so-virtual SteamPunkWear. One can purchase t-shirts, hats, mugs and other real life objects from! Yes, you can now wear your brand loyalty to the office or when on an important first date. You can even purchase Shteemie! the teddy bear. He’s Writer Steam Works’ mascott. After all, Newbetek has Biff, the chrome sculptie. Seriously.


One thought on “Now this is over the top . . .

  1. Wow! I love it! Congratulations sir on your expanding line of clocks! They are beautiful pieces of machine work and I look forward to the grand opening.

    I think the logo is a fine example of your work. Simple but beautiful and memorable using strong colors and angular looks.

    And I can have the logo on a heavy, large sized, conceal-my-whisky-at-work-in-coffee, coffee mug!


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