One more time, with feeling . . .

In an ongoing effort to bring my expenses in line, I’ve decided to sell my land on the mainland. It’s sad for me because it was the first land within the virtual world known as Second Life that I bought. I’ve had it since shortly after coming in-world. But, all good things must come to an end.

When I first purchased the land, I had big hopes for it, but I just never had time to achieve my goals. I needed the land for two things: prim count and to build houses. At 8560m, it certainly had the prim count and space I needed. I had intended to build custom and prefab Victorian homes. It was so nice to be able to build them within the confines of my shop. That room is 30m x 50m, so I can fit a fairly large build in there. But building homes to the quality that I demand is very time consuming. Therein lies the problem.

I just don’t have the time anymore. I work full-time, I am going to university and I got married last year. All of these take up too much of my time to devote to virtual home building. Besides, I’m just not very creative. My buildings are all very boxy. Ick. Yuck. That’s fine for an industrial-type Victorian Steampunk shop, but not for a fancy house.

Ah, such is virtual life.


2 thoughts on “One more time, with feeling . . .

  1. You are creative sir. Your glasses are the best I have found in Caledon, Steelhead, and well SL. Your attention to detail is fantastic and your style is unique. Your furniture has been said by many Caledonians to be the best line of Mission style furniture we have ever come across. It is simple, strong, beautiful and fits in any décor. With house building, it takes time because as you point out, they are large and time consuming. Don’t ever sell yourself short.

    SL is for diversions and for fun. When it becomes a job, it is no longer accomplishing its purpose. Real Life(tm) should always take precedence over anything else.

    I am sorry for your lot being sold. It was a beacon of civilization in a field surrounded by glaring neon, hideous styles, and mediocre accomplishments. Fare it well.

    There is good out of this though. Your finances will line back up soon and you still have property to build and design! It is always fantastic in seeing what new and wonderful things you manufacture to make our lives more enjoyable and more fun!

    Your humble servant,

    Marcus Tairov

  2. Thank you, Mr Tairov, your very kind words are always welcome. It is nice to hear that the objects I make are appreciated by others. Sales numbers cannot compare to a happy customer.

    To compensate for the loss of mainland building space, I purchased a 2048m parcel in Babbage Palisade. I’ve put up a small building that will be the home of a new line of products: Writer Clock Works. More on that in a later blog posting, so back to where I was headed. I was walking through my new neighborhood and noticed that someone had a copy of my cherry drafting table out in world! I was quite elated. I think that is the first time that I came across a product I’ve made where the purchaser put the object on display. That’s what building is about for me.

    It would be nice to make a living doing this. Some people can make a living in the virtual world, but it takes time, patience, skill and creativity. Unfortuately, I lack those skills. 😎 All I need is to win a lottery and I’ll be in-world full time!

    One unfortunate thing is that I have recently become to feel very distant from Caledon. It has been very difficult to find time to be in-world other than to take care of obligations. I haven’t been to a social event in months. I’ve long been out of touch with many acquaintances and many in-world do not recognize me. I feel very out-of-place. I know I was never a very prominent figure in Caledon, being a rather distinct introvert, but I feel ever much more so lately. I just don’t belong anymore.

    Don’t get me wrong, though. I still love Caledon and its citizens. It is a fantastic place with talented people and beautiful builds. The people continue to be an inspiration to me. I will, as long as I can afford, maintain my property in SteamSkyCity. If I ever make my in-world business self sufficient, I may even rebuild the Monastery in a void sim (if Des would allow me), but I cannot afford to at this time. But that’s another story!

    I miss the social life that I once enjoyed. Even though I might be a social misfit, Caledon accepted me and I felt that. The friends I’ve made (even if not in my friends list, and there seem to be some that are missing from my friends list for some odd reason) are the biggest reason that I will keep coming back whenever I am able.

    Although I do not like mentioning names, because there are too many, but I will mention one: Desmond Shang. His kindness, generosity and dedication to the community that he instilled is without compare. I’ve said this many times to my in-world friends that if he ever needs an IT director, I would be there. He is someone who inspires greater things from those who have the honour of knowing him. Through it all, he is still humble. If he is in RL anything like what he is in 2L, he would be a terrific person to work for. But enough mushiness.

    As for my in-world finances, the proceeds of selling my properties has allowed me to have a reserve to pay rent for several months with a side benefit of not having to use RL cash to cover tier. Much like there can be benefits to the NPV of a venture by selling owned property and leasing back, my virtual world experience is no longer a costly venture.

    With new products coming out soon (clocks and the scripted version of my glasses (and many more style variations)), perhaps I can get to a break-even point. I know that I will need to do more advertising, or at least SOME advertising, but I know not where to start. Oh well.

    At least I will be at one social event soon. I’ll be having a grand opening of Writer Clock Works in Babbage Palisade soon. Maybe in a week(ish). That is, assuming that the virtual world isn’t being extravirtual.

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