For Sale By Owner . . .

The time has come where I must reduce my land holdings just a little. As many of you know, the Caledon Stormhold Monastery is no more. I wasn’t making use of the monastery and could no longer afford the upkeep. The resident monk, Father Cornelius, will now have to roam the virtual world to spread his good cheer. Perhaps in time he will find a permanent home again. For now, I’ve set up a cot in SteamSkyCity in my little residence in the corner of the Sim.

My little optometrist\'s shop and residence

This is my new home. SteamSkyCity was the first place in Caledon where I had land. I now have two 1024m plots on Aether Isle and one 512m shop in the sky city. Space is tight, but we manage.

Now, on to the topic at hand . . . .  With the monastery gone, I find I no longer need my waterfront property in Stormhold. I had taken the land mainly for prim count such that I could decorate the monastery. Without the monastery, decorations aren’t needed! As such, I am looking to sell the property rights to Plot 8. It’s a fine property with a beautiful view of Speirling. It is a double-prim, 1024m plot situated on the walkway right beside the Caledon Rail tracks. Access is therefore splendid. Additionally, as it is right on the northern firth of Caledon, access to the seaways is right at your back door. Sailing fun abounds!

I am asking a very reasonable L$15,000 for the property rights. As the plot is double prim, you have 468 prims at your disposal. Weekly rent is a very reasonable L$900. Note that the buyer will be responsible to pay rent to the meter. Failure to do so can result in the loss of property rights. Sale is for the property rights, not ownership of the land. Also not that the purchaser will be required to abide by both the 2ndL terms of service and to the covenant of Caledon.

All inquiries regarding this sale are to come to me, Newbe Writer. I am not affiliated with 2ndL in any way other than being a customer and resident. Nor am I affiliated with Caledon or Guv’nah Shang, other than being a citizen of Caledon.


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