My first Jira post . . .

First, let me start by apologizing for my continued limited presence in-world. Although both my RL wife and I are better, we are up to our noses in paper work and house work as we prepare for her eventual arrival. Woohoo! I have, of course, had the odd occasion to spend a few minutes at a time in-world and hope to soon increase that.

In a moment of craziness, I did a little bit of impulse shopping. I’ve purchased a 2048m plot in the upcoming 5th sim in New Babbage. I’ll have a location that will be quite central and very conveniently located. Not at all like my other places. To whit, I have also purchased an additional 1024m parcel in SteamSkyCity. This one is on the same island as the Gallery and Ballroom, but across the walkway and at the end. I have a corner plot that faces endless water and the Duchy’s to the south. I will need to work on a small building to fill the space and since my line of glasses has really taken off, I think I just might make it the residence of Dr. Newbelius Writer, IV, VO (virtual optomotrist).

Additionally, as if that were not enough, I’ve added two new shops out in the world. The first is in Stephenson’s Quarter in the Emit Time sim and the second is in Solarya. So far, I’ve not had much traffic from either location, but they are new, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed. My shops are very near those of Kheph777 Enoch and Eladrienne Laval, thus I expect them to generate somewhat more traffic than my wares. Strength in numbers, I always say. Ok, so I only occasionally say that. You get my meaning.

Now, this brings me to my main topic of discussion: My first Jira post. In opening these two new shops, it became apparent that the 25-group limit is rather, er… ummm… limiting. I have have been hovering around 25-groups for some time and find that I really cannot afford to lose any more. With Caledon, my business group, vendor groups and such, I find that I will soon need to drop important groups just to join other important groups.

I understand the difficulties in database – in a massively multiuser environment, so I don’t envy the position of Linden Labs. They need to balance the need for more groups against the negative impact it will create. But, I have what I think might be a solution: an Allow Object Placement list in the land properties box. Much like the allow and ban lists, if we had an object placement list, shop owners could add valid renters to the list and allow them to place objects such as vendors. If they use a rental box, the rental box programmers could add functionality to add or remove someone from the list automatically. Things would be simpler all around. If you think this would be a good idea, check out my Jira topic. If not, oh well.


3 thoughts on “My first Jira post . . .

  1. Hmm. I agree. Almost a third of my spots are taken up by land/vendor-related groups that I need to be able to rez or found out info through. Very frustrating as I HATE having to drop groups that I need or turn down ones that would just be fun. I think the structuring of groups itself needs to be reassessed…

  2. One has to wonder if the limit isn’t intentional, to keep us shop-keeps from building gigantic retail empires and forcing everyone to buy everything from us. 😉 If that’s the case, we’ll never get them to change the current system. Meanwhile, I like the idea of having an option to allow renters to rez objects without having to join a new group.


  3. I dare say that it is not likely I will ever have sales of a volume such that I could be considered a gigantic retail empire, though that would be nice. At best, I could say I’m a mom and pop shop without the mom, pop or shop. 😎

    If you like the idea, vote for it on Jira!

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