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In a state of overwhelmednessish

Yesterday, I had popped into Second Life for the first time in a couple weeks after having struggled with an upper respiratory infection and its effects for the past 6 weeks. To say I was overwhelmed by the support and kind words would be an understatement.

If you read my meme post, you will know that I am really quite shy. Very much so, in fact. After being a citizen of Caledon, it took many weeks before I first posted to the group channel. I just felt awkward. It was not because of the people, but because of my own belief that I am no one really important.

Well, to the vast majority of the world, I am someone who is not important, but to a few, you have shown me a world of kindness in itself. Those whose friendship I cherish showed that the friendship is reciprocated and that brought tears to this hardened gentleman’s eyes.

Thank you for the friendship, kindness and support you have all shown me. Caledon is a wonderful community. It is much more than merely a virtual diversion, but is a solid community as real as any in RL. I am proud to be but one small part of that community and am honoured and touched by the friendship given to me.

Ok, enough mushiness.


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6 thoughts on “In a state of overwhelmednessish

  1. Annechen Lowey on said:

    I am glad to see you are improving. Pray do not overexert yourself and cause a relapse.

  2. Awww…

    Take your time, get better and we will see you when you can!!

  3. nwriter on said:

    I’m glad to say that I have gotten better such that I am now back at work and back in SL. My time in world is currently limited as Mrs. Writer is currently suffering through what I was, though she is smarter and did what she could to lessen the impact. Never the less, as she is my RL, I will ensure that I devote my energy towards her health. I do, of course, have some time before and after work in which to begin on commitments for which I am hopelessly late in completing.

  4. Diamanda Gustafson on said:

    Hopelessly late in SL? No such thing!

    Glad you’re feeling better, and speedy recovery wishes to the Mrs!


  5. Herr Writer,

    Although I am sorry to read that Frau Writer is likewise afflicted, it is good that you are both on the road to recovery. I will tell the labs to stand down.


    Klaus Wulfenbach

  6. Marcus Tairov on said:

    I am glad that you have returned to us dear friend but like others have stated before me, take your time, don’t over exert yourself, and tend to your wife.

    We shall await your infrequent visits with anticipation.

    Your humble servant,
    Marcus Tairov

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