I’m back, sort of . . .

It was truly my intention to write more of my journey, but circumstances being what they were, that did not quite happen. I may still write in the coming days, but all I can say is that I am glad to be home recovering from a rather insidious illness that has taken much of my energy. It all started with a terrible headache…

I awoke one morning, almost two weeks ago, with a tremendous pain within my ample, yet vacant, cranium. It was, to be sure, the worst headache I’ve yet experienced in my thirty-twelve years. I called in sick and did what I could to make it better. Of course, ignoring the specious suggestions to see a doctor, I proceeded on my second voyage. After all, the headache was gone and all that remained was a mildly sore throat.

When the airship arrived at the Dallas aerodrome, I made my way across the desert plains to the work site. Strangely, by the time I arrived, I had lost my ability to speak. Some would say that it was a blessing… for them.

By the next morning, with work well under way, I found that my coughing had increased, my voice had decreased and my right ear was still somewhere in the clouds. Or so it felt. The day at the work site was arduous, yet I persevered. I had to as the project needed to be completed and I had no alternative.

The following morning, now Sunday, my coughing slightly subdued by the snake oil and my voice still non-existent, my ear began to feel a little painful. I knew I needed to do something, but I was in a land without health insurance and I knew not where to go. Luckily, come Monday morning, the locals sauntered into the work site and pointed me to the nearest medicine man. Quack McDoody was his name. He prescribed a new fangled potion for my upper respiratory infection and something to help me breath easier.

Well, breathing easier was a good thing as it seemed to be quite humid in those there parts. I’m sure the housekeeping staff at the local inn was thinking I had brought the plague with me, considering the mounting numbers of healing solutions I purchased from the local wagon vendors. I started to feel a little better, if you ignore the fact that I fell to the ground in exhaustion once or twice.

Well, if that wasn’t enough, it seems that the infection in my ear and upper respiratory thingy simply wanted more company. Thus I noticed that my eyes, which had become increasingly pink as the day progressed, also began to sting like a dickens and feel very hot. As this is not a normal occurrence, I decided to meander back to the medicine man for additional medicines with which to scare the housekeeper.

Dr McDoody was gone, so I was attended to by Dr Speedy Gonopthomologist. She was a friendly sort and promptly sent me to the local druggist to get drops for my eyes. Luckily, they had one bottle of the miracle water on their shelf, so I was on my way.

After a couple days, I started to feel better. Or rather, I began to feel that I had a chance at living. Loaded up with snake oils and medications, I headed back to the aerodrome to catch the airship home. Ah, I must say that Aeroships Canada is an excellent company with which to fly. They aren’t particularly special, but more importantly, they are uneventful and they seem to always get me to my destination roughly on time.

Back at home, my private nurse took care of me. I was bedridden for several days, unable to access my aetherial communications device, but recovering none the less. I felt my strength begin to return and my breathing has become less strained. Sadly, though, the hearing in my right ear has begun to fade and the ear feels as though it is holding water for the long northern winter. I’ve just returned from my local physician with a prescription for a rather stronger antibiotic, or so he calls it. Apparently Quack didn’t prescribe an adequate dosage to take care of my condition.

I expect to be back to work in the morning and will attend to my other duties for friends in the afternoon. I am sorry for my extended absence and hope this whole being sick thing is behind me. Mostly.


6 thoughts on “I’m back, sort of . . .

  1. Sir and dear friend,

    I am so very sorry to hear of your illness and the trouble you have had. As typical, I suspect you pushed yourself beyond a normal mans endurance until you border the dedication and perseverance on one hand, and the insanity on the other. I am glad to hear of your safe return and wish you a speedy recovery. Fear not, Caledon still lives and we shall await your return once you can function. You have been missed sir and we can wait a bit longer.

    Until then, take good care of yourself and relax. You most certainly have earned it.

    Your humble servant,

    Marcus Tairov

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