Bumpy start to the voyage . . .

It would appear that at least one thing has gone well in the last couple days. The inn in which I have decided to lodge for the week has a rather advanced capability, allowing me to use my three-dimensional, aethereal communications device at my leisure. Of course, as the installation of the previously mentioned steam engine was delayed due to unrelated events, leisure is hard to come by.

As the journey to the installation site is quite distant from my home and I needed to travel with an assistant, I chose to use a commercial airship company to arrive. Oh, what fun that was. I chose a large, well-known airship firm for my conveyance: The American Airship Lines. I’ve used them many times in the past and have had few problems. This time would be the exception.

It seems that the airship that was scheduled for my travels was experiencing unplanned breakage issues. As the parts were not available for the repair and there wasn’t a spare airship to replace it, the decision had been made to reschedule all the passengers on alternate craft. As it turns out, the airship line decided that my best alternative was to strap us to a random bird with a slight cough and send it upon its way.

That alternative was the Dubious aEroship Lift and Transport Agency, better known as D.E.L.T.A. Aeroship Lines. I have used them in the past, but they have never been my choice. Well, this time they did manage to get me to my destination. It wasn’t a comfortable voyage, but it was successful.

When I finally arrived at the destination, I found that the first airship company managed to cause a little bit of damage to my travel chest. I know it was caused by the first company as they put a little tag mentioning the damage. No compensation, just a little tag. Thank you, sirs, I was hoping for a little white tag. It makes a fine decoration.

To add insult to injury, the first airline offered me NO COMPENSATION for my delay or damaged luggage. Nothing. I was give an odd look when I mentioned it to the clerk at the counter, but it really didn’t give her much cause to pause her pitch. In the past, when inconvenienced by an airship line, I have had my accommodations upgraded and have received credit towards another voyage. Apparently American Airship Lines just does not care about its customers. Therefore, I have made it my decision to never allow my associates to use them for their travel needs.

I show loyalty to vendors that show loyalty to their customers. I avoid those that show disdain or indifference.

Although the process was bumpy, at least the landings were successful.


4 thoughts on “Bumpy start to the voyage . . .

  1. Oh my! What travel troubles you have had! I am personally more of a fan of United Airships myself. Either way, I am glad that you arrived safely at your destination!

  2. Herr Writer,

    It is good to see that you arrived in one piece, despite associated damage.

    My motivating spirit works, at least at the moment, supporting the Continent-spanning travel providers, who have been spoken quite well of in recent popular press. Especially if you specify your locations – in private, I reckon – perhaps we (my spirit and I) could give you useful suggestions about those aerodromes.


    Klaus Wulfenbach

  3. Mr Writer –
    I always enjoy reading your journal, and seeing you about Caledon. The latter has been all to infrequent, to be sure.

    I must also report to you, sir, that you have been tagged.

    Please see my latest blog entry for details. Or those blogs of Mr. O’Toole, Miss Kelley, or Baron Bardhaven, for that matter. 🙂

    Her Grace,Eva Bellambi
    Duchess Loch Avie

  4. Thank you for your kind words, Your Grace. I have been in Caledon all too infrequently as of late and I may find I have limited time to change that for a few more weeks, what with the holiday season upon us.

    As for the tag. Eep. I shall make my attempt in the morning, though I do hope I can find enough people to then tag.

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