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A voyage awaits . . .

It has been a little while since I have arrived upon the shores of Caledon. I have thus far enjoyed my time despite the occasional issue with my three-dimensional, aethereal, communications device. Recently, though, events have transpired that have made communications difficult, to say the least. I do apologize for my inability to stay current and to have been on-line.

I have managed to work around the issues by re-upgrading the gear selection within the 3D-ACD and although this might cause me difficulties in my [ooc] real life job [/ooc], it will allow me to stay abreast of current events and to continue as though naught has happened.

But, just as I have managed to resolve these problems, business calls. I must take a journey to another land to install a newer steam generator for a company that has been avoiding the transition for some time. I look forward to this new adventure and have prepared to board my airship for the long trip. With luck, I shall be able to continue with my posting of missives and will thusly present an account of said journey.

Should I be unable to find a telegraph office with sufficient capabilities to post my indiscretions, I shall see you briefly in a weeks time. Otherwise, ta ta for now as a voyage awaits.


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One thought on “A voyage awaits . . .

  1. Annechen Lowey on said:

    Safe journey, Herr Writer, and do take care.

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