Who does that???

This morning, my little Remembrance Day commemoration nearly didn’t happen. I went to my land in Janus and was rudely accosted by the effects of a spinning box of grief. It seemed to think that I needed to be animated in some way, though what way I do not know. I didn’t say Ok to the offer to make me do untold actions. Ironically, because of the assault on my world, I was unable to move even one millimetre.

What I don’t understand is why someone would do this. Are there actually people out there who’s lives are so terrible, so lonely, so devoid of ANY good that they feel they must cause such childish havoc upon others? It’s sad more than anything else. What is so offensive about this action is the timing. On a day where millions of people in Commonwealth nations take time to remember those who have given their lives for their freedom, some pathetic imbecile decides to be a worthless c*** biter and do such asinine things.

Really? This is something that somehow gives value to your life? I really feel sorry for you. You have a very sad, sad life. To attempt to gain the attention of others by rezzing a box. Oooh. It spins. It’s a spinning box. Oh, and it has a simple script that makes noise and sends out particles. Wow. That’s amazing(ly dumb).

I just don’t get it. I grew up in a time when one achieved notice by making something useful or productive. Or by helping others do such. You know, making life better for one’s self and for others? You know that society is going to Hell in a hand-basket when our young have decided that rezzing a spinning box all over the place is a big thing. With all the amazing things going on in the world, I just don’t get what motivates someone to achieve such levels of mediocrity. Seriously.

I must say, that although it is annoying to see the frequency with which these dimwits prove their lack of worth and their lack of self-esteem, it was nice to see how quickly Linden Labs responded to the problem. Hopefully they will find a way to keep these no-lifes (low-life is to lofty a description) out of the world altogether, but until then, thank you for responding promptly to the problem.

In spite of one butthead’s actions, my little commemoration went on. Of course, there were only a couple people there, but I was happy that a few friends came out to share in my remembrance. To honour the sacrifice of those in our respective countries who gave their lives for what we have today. Unfortunately, they are probably spinning in their graves to know that what we have today are spinning boxes. Who does that???


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