Remembrance Day

Every year, on the anniversary of the armistice that signalled the end of the the Great War on November 11, 1918, many countries hold a gathering of its people for a minute of silence to remember those who have given their lives in support of their country’s beliefs. As most of you know, I am Canadian and my country lost a great number of its young in the first world war. To honour the men, women and children who have lost their lives in the various wars, this Sunday, November 11th, at 11am SLT, I will be hosting what I hope will become an annual tradition to join me in this Remembrance Day gathering.

If we look into our circle of family and friends, I am sure that we all can find someone that died in the line of duty. It does not matter our opinion of war, our political leanings or our religious beliefs, everyones’ lives are touched in some way by war. We do not need to agree with the motives for the conflict, but to honour those that are no longer with us. My own RL grand parents died during the second world war, thus I never had the opportunity to meet them. They did not fight in the war, but they were casualties none the less.

If you are so inclined, please join me in front of the Caledon Monument in Janus just prior to 11:00am SLT. I will hopefully find a stream that plays appropriate music and will turn off the stream at 11:00am for one minute. Afterward, if you are so inclined, join me for tea, coffee and snacks in The Lab Lounge (right beside the park) where we can sit and chat about our experiences to remember and honour those that cannot be here to share this time with us.


5 thoughts on “Remembrance Day

  1. Wow, Mr Paderborn, that is very generous of you. I’m looking for anything that might have been played up to about 1918, so victorian-era music would be fantastic if you have it. There are a couple songs, for which I have wav files (but could convert to another format such as mp3. that are very traditional in Canada to be played directly around 11:00am. Perhaps we could meet inworld to discuss. I certainly appreciate your efforts, but do not wish you to do anything special.

    I was hoping to have a stream set up in time, but I’ve been quite unsuccessful at making it all work. 😎 Apparently, this new fangled streaming stuff is beyond me.

  2. I was sorry I missed this post. Though 11AM SLT was not going to be reachable with timezone differences, I had set up a streaming version of the Last Post at the War Memorial in the Cay. I’ll visit Janus and lay a wreath.

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