Mushiness all around . . .

Huzzah! Yes, uncharacteristic enthusiasm on my part at this time of year. I’m not one to embrace the chilling of my place of material existence, nor the sudden lack of available sunlight, so I tend to become somewhat less enthusiastic overall during the long, Canadian winter. To add to it, RL has been particularly challenging to one’s emotional state lately, thus adding an additional damper upon my usual jovial demeanor. Yet life goes on and so does the party!

This Saturday past, Writer Steam Works in the Sky, located in the wonderful Caledon SteamSkyCity sim, had its Grand Opening! I was expecting a good turn out and I was certainly not disappointed! We had people from all over pop by for dancing, drinks and trivia! The trivia quiz host, one of the vendors in Writer Steam Works, Mr Kheph777 Enoch did a marvelous job with the quiz as I went madly about keeping tally of the scores! Thank you, Mr Enoch!

Party at Writer Steam Works

The disks were masterfully spun by Radio Riel dj, Elrik Merlin. To say I was very happy with the mix of songs would be an understatement! To you, Mr Merlin, I say thank you! And to Her Grace, Gabriel Riel, thank you for your fine Radio Riel. You and your DJ’s have been instrumental in making my events fun and exciting!

Note to self: next time, have the party in the room with the vendors.  😉

In the picture, you can see the fantastic airship of Mr Equine McMillan, one of the other gentlemen whose vendors you can find at Writer Steam Works. He tells me that this is a private build, but I do hope that he brings other builds to market with a similar feel. It embodies steampunk very well and is quite an exciting looking vehicle!

And to all my friends out there (you know who you are!), thank you for being there when I needed friendship. Challenges are by no means my exclusive domain, but sometimes they can appear overwhelming when within their midst. When one falls down, one must readily get back upon one’s feet, brush off the dust and continue upon one’s path. You were there to help me see past the clouds of dust created by RL and towards the next destination in my life. If life is a desert and I, a traveller, you brought me a canteen of water. The desert is still there, but I am better prepared to continue. I’ve heard it said that we can be measured by the people that call us a friend and I am lucky to know you. To you, I am eternally grateful.

Ok, enough mushiness.

I had the honour to attend the wedding of a friend in SL. It is the first SL wedding that I have attended and it was a lot of fun. Her Grace, Lavendar Beaumont and Sir ZenMondo Wormser had a beautiful wedding at the chapel in Kintyre. The decorations were wonderful, the location scenic and the couple were happy and excited! I am so happy for the lucky couple and wish them all the best! Thank you for allowing me to be there!

Her Grace, Lavendar Beaumont and Sir ZenMondo Wormser had a beautiful wedding at the chapel in Kintyre.

And let me just say that the rooftop venue for the reception was terrific. Though, perhaps signs saying where the teleporter is would be handy.  😎

Ok, stop with the mushiness.


5 thoughts on “Mushiness all around . . .

  1. Herr Writer,

    I must offer my abject apologies for missing your event, but I was detained in my own lands due to power issues with my dimensional translator. Thankfully, Frau Lowey’s was in perfect order – there she is in her ‘rave bubble’ or whatever it’s called – and she was able to represent the Consulate in general on our behalf, in appreciation for your brotherhood’s assistance.

    Naturally, she enjoyed herself as well.

    Congratulations on your opening.


    Klaus Wulfenbach

  2. I was so glad to attend your event Mr. Writer. As a new citizen to Caledon I am honored to have had the perfect timing of stumbling into your new shop. The evening of meet and greet was fantastic, the absinthe delicious, the music energetic, and your taste in food, friends, and the quality of the goods manufactured by your own hand, exquisite. Thank you for hosting such a Grand Opening!

    Your servant,
    Marcus Tairov

  3. Wow, I am simply overwhelmed! Thank you for your kind words. They do mean a great deal to my human overlaird.

    And, Miss Gustafson, I am very sorry for not thanking you in the blog! I am very glad that you came out and helped with the event! See, this is why I shouldn’t thank individuals. I’m bound to miss someone very important.

    Mr Tairov, welcome to Caledon. You are new in the land, but have already made good friends. Thank you for your kind comments, though I’m afraid that Mr Enoch, Mr McMilland and Mr Swain make the more exquisite products in the shop. I must say, though, that I do truly enjoy building what I do and try to make everything of the highest quality.

    Herr Baron, you do not need to apologize for being unable to attend. RL issues are hard to ignore, but I was very glad that a member of your consulate was able to attend and Frow Lowey quite impressed us with her knowlege of trivia!

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