Winter coats are on the agenda . . .

As the winter season is fast approaching, especially for those of us in more northern climates, it is time to look at appropriate clothing to protect oneself from the elements. Well, I have found two vendors that produce mighty fine coats for this time of year. You’ve often seen me wander about aimlessly wearing the fine greatcoat from Vincente Shepherd’s Gaslights Emporium. New for this season is the wonderful charcoal wool coat from E.Laval Haberdasher & atELier!

Some time ago, I was strolling through Babbage and I came across a vendor I hadn’t heard of prior. Gaslights Emporium has a very diverse selection of items ranging from clothing to air ships. I was particularly impressed with the design of his Brown Gentleman’s Greatcoat. It had both a Victorian sophistication with a steampunk flair. Very nice and  just what I needed at the time. Although it was summer, I felt that I needed to look just a little bit darker at times. My alter ego is known to dress in black more frequently than might be considered healthy, thus a darker image for me was appropriate.

Brown Greatcoat

After finding the Greatcoat, I noticed he had a number of items for sale that stood out in my eye. I couldn’t resist and bought his Black Tailcoat Suit and his Charcoal Evening Suit. Both have been welcome additions to my wardrobe. It must be said that each outfit did require a few alterations, but that is only normal as no two avis are exactly alike (after leaving an orientation island for a while!). The Greatcoat only needed a slight change in colour as the standard brown wasn’t quite dark enough for me. (did I mention my alter ego’s propensity towards black clothing??) With that out of the way, each outfit is complete and quite well crafted.

Black Tailcoat Suit  Charcoal Evening Suit

Of course, to make the look complete, I had to get both a pocket watch and a Battery Cane walking stick. The battery cane comes with an animation override and walking/standing animations as appropriate. Quite a nice addition.

Finally, as I needed a way to leave the shop (walking apparently is quite insufficient), I purchased an airpod. What a delightful vehicle that is. Not only does it fly quite nicely, it has the ability to fly under water! It even bubbles when below the surface. Nice touch, Mr Shepherd. And I must say that the price was quite reasonable.


As I mentioned earlier, I picked up Miss Eladrienne Laval’s beautiful Charcoal Wool Coat. I cannot say enough nice things about this coat. Forget the fact that it is warm for the cold season, which it most certainly is, it is also best coat I have found yet. Beautiful texturing with buttons that look so real, one must reach out and touch them to be sure. Miss Laval is quickly becoming my clothier of choice, as she has a wonderful design aesthetic and is very talented at texturing. Somehow, she manages to make me look my best even when I feel my worst. I quite expect Miss Laval to become a name to be reckoned with in the industry in SL.

E.Laval Charcoal Wool Coat

I suggest you walk, no run, no teleport to both shops and see what they have available. You won’t be disappointed. And ladies, do make a point to visit, as Miss Laval is not only talented when it comes to men’s clothing. Her gowns are amazing! And quite reasonable priced too.


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