Oh Dear Lord!

If you know me, you know me to be quite reserved. I try to be polite and respectful. I also try to avoid conflict if conflict can be avoided. Of course, there are times when conflict is all but required. This is not one of those times.

As Caledon has grown, it has become quite resplendent in colourful titles. So much so, that one can hardly keep track. I, having purchased land in May (if memory serves… my memory does tend to be a rather poor host at the best of times), am a relative newcomer within our land. Yet I have seen people with a virtual phantasmagoria of titles all about. I have, up until this time, tried to respect the titles and some have become so ingrained within my being that it is difficult to call those by another name. Yet this cannot go on forever.

My memory, to which I have eluded, is not the best. I wouldn’t say it is due to age, but rather it has always been as such. As long as I can remember, I have had a selective memory. I remember things which are pertinent within my RL. Things less pertinent within my RL are further down the list. SL? Forget it! So to speak.

There are those to whom I shall refer by title. There are those to whom I shall refer to by proper name. There are those to whom I shall refer to by given name or nickname in the proper environment. If I do not call a Duchess, Duke or Prince by their respective title, there is no disrespect intended. After all, EVERYONE has my respect at the outset. God help you should you do something to lose it!  😎

It is difficult for me to remember to refer to someone as “Your Grace” whom I had previously called “Miss” or “Mr.” I am bad enough at remembering names, let alone titles! I feel that one cannot go wrong by using a polite “Miss” or “Mr.” in our beloved Caledon.

That is not to suggest that people should not use titles. I think they are fun and if people have fun using them, then by all means do so. They add to the colourful array of back-stories within Caledon and make for interesting conversation. In role play, they create an ambiance that is essential for the time period.

For me, as I find it difficult to remember the titles of everyone and I do not wish to offend anyone, I will continue to use the titles that I remember. It is not meant as an affront to any of the new nobility, but I started to feel embarrassed when I couldn’t remember a title or I got it wrong and that is a silly feeling, considering that SL is meant to be a fun diversion. There are a lot of titles in Caledon and I cannot remember them all.

So, when you meet me in the street, please remember that I have no title. I am, respectfully, Newbe. I’m nobody.


9 thoughts on “Oh Dear Lord!

  1. Miss Laval,

    Thank you. I know I am somebody to a few people and everyone is somebody to me. Besides, even if I am nobody, it is quite clear that you are somebody.

    Before the responses get out of hand, I wasn’t fishing for affirmation. I was trying to point out, in my irreverent way, that I am merely Newbe. I haven’t done anything worthy of acclaim. I was not born of high breeding. I am simply one amongst millions of avatars. I am one amongst billions of humans. I am merely one amongst hundreds of Caledon citizens.

    I do my own thing and have fun. Hopefully, I bring a little of my happiness into the lives of those I am fortunate enough to meet. I try to be respectful of others and generally do not unnecessarily criticise others for what they do. After all, my RL father instilled the biblical ethic “do unto others as you would have others do unto you.”

    And, Miss Gustafson, you have inspired me to take on a title: Maker of boats that barely float!


    Newbe Writer,
    Maker of boats that barely float.

  2. Mister, Miss, or someone’s first name works in a pinch, Newbe. Hotspur will always work with me. If you feel all formal and such, as God Emperor of Bongo, I do merit “Your Heineyness” on occassion.



  3. Indeed, pedant though I am, I will always answer to “Elrik” or “Mr Merlin”. When formal address is required, I affect the minor “title” “Laird Brideswell”, which indicates no more than that I am a Landowner (in Caledon, of course, which I am proud to be) and the name of my Estate. I trust that you do not find this offensive; & I am pleased to note that you are assured of my continued appreciation of you and your Works irrespective of how you may choose to address me.

    I remain,
    Your Obedient Servant,
    E.M. :.

  4. Ah, Mr Merlin, I certainly do not find an individual using a title to be offensive in any way. In fact, I find it fun in roleplaying and there is quite a bit of that within our land. My only concern arose from the fact that I have found it difficult to remember all the titles as I have a mind like a sieve and have felt embarrased to not remember peoples’ titles when in casual conversation.

    In an event or rp, I try my best to use titles as they are appropriate to the situation, but when passing in the street, or attending a rave, I have decided it best to use Mr, Miss (unless corrected to Mrs or Ms.) to avoid offending people. If at an event hosted by someone with a title, I shall endeavor to use such title, assuming I know it. I must say, though, that no one has corrected me as yet except for the one time I referred to someone as Miss, when indeed he was a Mr. Heck, having a non-traditional first name, I’ve once been referred to as Miss, though not when wearing a kilt.

    Newbe Writer,
    Maker of boats that barely float.

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