I’ve been busy, busy, busy . . .

Now that the Canadian Thanksgiving holiday has come and gone for yet another year and I have a chance to reflect upon the Thanksgiving Chicken upon which I feasted (far fewer leftovers than a turkey), I realize that, with all the LSL silliness, life is generally good. A friend has told me that “nothing happens for bad. Everything happens for good.” Of course, I believe she is just a tad loony, but she might just be on to something.

This past weekend, I had kept myself busy by redeveloping my property on the mainland in the Janus sim. It is something that I had long planned to do, but kept myself from doing because I needed to set aside several hours of uninterrupted work time. With the long weekend, I had this time available. But, not content to just rebuild the main building, I also reorganized the businesses within. The building used to be mostly filled with Newbe’s Classic Art & Maps, my first business venture within SL. It’s not a profitable business, but I do like the artwork, so I’ve moved CA&M to the second floor, clearing up space for Writer Steam Works, where you can find all your favorite Writer Steam Works products, Kheph’s Creations and soon, products by Mr. Equine McMillan and Jason Swain  (I love that helicopter they make!).

The new Writer Steam Works in Janus

But what prompted me to start redevelopment is the need for a place to display my upcoming line of prefab homes. The property in Janus is reasonably sized at approximately 8600m, but just a bit oddly shaped and not even near to being level. I therefore decided that a sky platform at 550m was needed. Not one to be content with just a platform, I integrated a rather massive (80 x 50 meter) sky-box. I wasn’t using my previous one for much except changing outfits, yet it was really very primmy, thus it needed to go. Also, I removed my skydiving platform as my Steampunk Skydiving Lift relegated it to obsolescence.

The Sky Platform with SkyLab below

After building the structure, I  realized that I had to do something to ensure that the building off to the side didn’t fall off. After all, it was being held in place with just bricks and a rather nice iron fence. Thus, in went the solid brass support structure!

The structure holding the sky platform together

With everything receiving a facelift, I had to do something about my teleporters. The previous versions, though quite functional, looked a little to Star Trek like, whatever that is. I decided to remodel them is a more Victorian Steampunk fashion. Or, rather, what I feel to look like Victorian Steampunk. Others might not agree with my taste, and I am perfectly fine with that. No, really.

 My Aethereal Teleportation Device

Of course, on Saturday morning, as I had mentioned in a previous journal entry, a customer IMed to tell me of a problem with the skydiving lift. As I also mentioned, and thus shan’t go into significant detail, fixed the issue with more beefy SL workarounds. I sent replacement copies to owners (I simply MUST work on an auto-updating mechanism), but have yet to hear if the problem is resolved. Sigh.

Very Steampunky Glasses

Apparently, these little tasks were simply not enough to fill my time, so I embarked upon a new product line: Victorian Steampunk Glasses. I built, I believe, nine pairs over the weekend, all of which are available on OnRez as well as from my SteamPunkWear vendors at all three (yes, three… details to follow) Writer Steam Works stores. Please ignore the fact that I have included Dominacynthe Absinthe, which is looking mighty tempting right now, in the SteamPunkWear vendors. That was to get around the 25-prim limit of one of my stores.

Steampunk Glasses Type 214 

So far, the glasses are unscripted, but make use of tiny prims to keep them looking delicate and sophisticated. Well, the steampunkiest of the steampunky ones are slightly over-sized with bright transparent cavorite lenses, but what the hey?!? They are all priced at a very affordable L$35 and make the perfect addition to ones wardrobe. Oops, sorry, forgot to warn you of the shameless advertising ahead of time. My bad. In a couple weeks (and those who know me understand why it will have to be in a couple weeks!!), I will create scripted versions that allow one to change the transparency and tinting.

As I previously mentioned, I have a third store! In a sudden gust of impulsive shopping, I rented an outlet in the MaYifu Arcade in Port Babbage. It’s a small place with a 25-prim limit, so I cannot have more than 5 of my OnRez vendors in the shop. We’ll see how it goes.

Back to the previously mentioned prefab houses I’m about to unveil…. The first house in the line is modelled after homes from around where I live. It is in the Vaughn series. It is a modern adaptation of a Georgian home with 3 bedrooms, including a master suite with walk-through closet and unfurnished bathroom (do we really need bathrooms in SL???). The main floor sports an eat-in kitchen, complete with mahogany cabinets and a granite counter top, a dining room, family room and formal living room. It will fit on a 1024m plot, but because it is about 220 prims, I would recommend placing it on a larger property.

Of course, to sell houses, one needs to be able to display a demo model. Since I don’t have vast tracts of land, I purchased the Webb Vendor from Mr Dominic Webb (a very nice gentleman, I might add). I’m looking forward to putting it into action on the sky platform.

During this time, the first ball of the Caledon social season took place. I was so enwrapped with my glasses, that I had almost forgotten. Miss Edwina Heron, thankfully, came to my rescue and fetched me from my all-encompassing terror of a building extravaganza. I had a wonderful time dancing, though, having arrived so late, did not have the chance to dance with everyone I should have liked to. Perhaps it is best for them to be saved from my clumsy foot stepping.

Finally, what weekend would be complete without a little handy-man work. Apparently, Caledon was subject to a door-eating virus. I donned my work outfit (apparently a tuxedo is appropriate when working on doors), grabbed my locksmith tools and proceeded to install door scripts. Good thing too, as a requirement at one home was that the doors be allowed to stay opened. My script had this functionality (configurable using the config notecard), but I never bothered to actually test this.  😎  Ooops. A quick fix and the doors were up and running. So to speak.

All in all, a busy weekend. Oh, there was more that I did, but my fingers are getting tired from writing as, I’m sure, you are getting from reading. But I must say that, although I was sad that my missus could not be with me to celebrate Thanksgiving, things happened for good. I got a lot of work done and managed to help out a couple friends.


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