Wonderfully Delightful Dominacynthe Absinthe

It seems that orders of monks have been known to sell alcoholic beverages to fund their monasteries. For example, the Chartreuse monks have their Tarragone Chartreuse and the Trappist monks have their Westvleteren beers. In fact, medieval monks were permitted to drink beer as it was a good source of nutrition, especially during their periods of fasting.

Shameless plug begins . . . .

Well, monks being monks, the Dominican monks of the Stormhold monastery have begun to produce an elixir of their own. This being Caledon, it seemed only logical that they should produce a beverage befitting the Victorian steampunk populace: Dominacynthe Absinthe. Available in a handsome bottle, Dominacynthe Absinthe pours to a delightful green in the included glass. Trimmed in gold, the glass would make a fine addition to any bar or tavern. The bottles are scripted to give a glass to your visitor and the glasses are scripted with an imbibing action. No avatar should be without one.

Dominacynthe Absinthe

Dominacynthe Absinthe is available in the Stormhold Monastery and proceeds will go towards maintenance costs of the building (tier fees!). Included in the box are one corked and one uncorked bottle. Also included is a glass that can be easily set out for display purposes. Of course, the scripted bottles include the glasses, but in a more hand-friendly orientation. All this for a paltry L$45! As I didn’t want to make the monastery a commercial enterprise, I’ve put the sale box in the basement, so intrepid explorers can find it without too much trouble. Or you could pay a visit to any Writer Steam Works shop and purchase it from a vendor.

Shameless plug ends . . . .

With all that said, the monastery is nearing completion. The structure is complete and only needs a few decorations. Pews are in place, but the chapel needs a little more primming up. Soon, the building will be available for events, free to Caledon residents. Of course, donations will happily be accepted. And if you ask nicely, perhaps Friar Newbelius will be available to officiate your SL wedding.

Finally, just so there is no confusion, Dominacynthe Absinthe is a virtual product available in Second Life (and on OnRez . . . Sorry, another shameless plug) and is not a real-world alcoholic beverage. Even still, I stress people drink responsibly and to ensure that their cousins do not get out of hand, as they are sometimes known to do. Be careful when drinking while on pirate ships suspended in mid air, especially when wearing one’s mum’s curtains. Avoid the use of flames and sharp weaponry while enjoying the wonderfully delightful Dominacynthe Absinthe.


3 thoughts on “Wonderfully Delightful Dominacynthe Absinthe

  1. Sir,

    Just allow me to say thank-you once again for the keg of Dominacynthe Absinthe you were kind enough to send. The entire clan has sampled and to a soul pronounce it wonderful!

    L. Beaumont
    Duchess of Kintyre, Caledon Kintyre
    Tanglewood Forest

  2. You are most welcome, Your Grace. I hear that there are rumblings afoot that there is a group of Cistercian monks in the cellars of the monastery that have begun building a brewery in which to produce a fine cream ale. Apparently, they felt a little left out of the decision-making process, but their vow of silence made it difficult to fully express their desires.

    If they can pull themselves away from their other works (like building trap doors to oblivion), they just might get their first batch out early in the week.

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