Playing with my organ . . .

There is the old line: If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again. I don’t always take this to heart. Sometimes, I look at something that I’ve attempted and say “Well, it wasn’t really worth doing in the first place.” There are other times, when it truly is important to try and try again.

I’ve been working on the monastery project in Caledon Stormhold. I must say, it is quite the behemoth, but I’ve received a couple complements, so I’m happy. My biggest concern is that others in Stormhold might think “Dear Lord, that is too big!” So far, that hasn’t been the case. Actually, our Guvnah himself said he likes it!

The hardest part of the structure was the roof. Because I wanted to follow the lay of the land, I ended up with a bit of a curve at one corner. Not too big a problem, but because I wanted a slightly layered roof, I needed to place panels above the roof segments and each of these ended up with awkward angles. Luckily, I remembered a little from my geometry classes from high school.

I must say, the most fun I’ve had yet was on a piece for the interior of the monastery: the pipe organ. As I’ve mentioned in previous postings, I’m not exactly an expert with Photoshop (whatever that is) or their like, so I tried to find textures in the wild that would work. I was stumped when it came to the pipes themselves. Nothing that I found would look quite right, so I resigned myself to having to learn those graphics tools. Really, they aren’t that bad. I was able to whip up a texture that is passable, at least in my eyes. Now I just need to script it and add an animation. Scripting good, animation bad.

 The Pipe Organ


5 thoughts on “Playing with my organ . . .

  1. Mr Writer,

    I had the pleasure of wandering through the monastery the other evening, before these latest amendments to the organ. I concur that it is quite a lovely addition to Caledon, and I salute you for your efforts in its creation.

    Yrs, etc.

    Otenth Paderborn
    Duke of Murdann

  2. Thank you Your Grace Murdann. It has been a pleasure building the monastery and I am glad it has not been for waste.

    Miss Gustafson, perhaps I should have made the pipes a little smaller? 😎

    Your Grace Loch Avie, the honour to give you a tour would be mine! Thank you for your kind words.

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