Fine Waistcoats by E.Laval

It must be made clear from the start that I do not consider myself to be an authority on fashion. Truth be told, there is little to which I am an authority. That said, I feel that those who do profess a certain authoritative quality towards fashion do not always express opinions that match my own. I suppose it is just this visionary diversity that makes life, both real and virtual, so entertaining.

When I first came to Caledon, I felt quite out of place. Everyone seemed to dress so well, yet I appeared more at home in a dormitory than a conservatory. I knew that something must be done. Wandering through Victoria City, I came across some men’s clothing that seemed to be up my ally. You see, I am generally very quiet and very conservative in my manner of dress. I don’t like to stand out. I’d rather see than be seen. Perhaps that is why I’ve gravitated to work behind the camera rather than in front, but I digress.

I found the main shop of that designer and had a peek at his full catalogue. Although he had a limited selection, I was able to find an outfit that both suited my style and my pocket book. I was sold. Unfortunately, as it was the only outfit I had that could be considered Victorian, as I’m sure the freebie spider pants are not, I wore this outfit everywhere. I’m sure the material had become quite thread bare.

Then a revelation happened. I was looking for an outfit for an SLRFL event, and Miss Fuchsia Begonia suggested I try Mr Avalanche’s tintable tuxedo. Wonderful! I found a new shop and immediately purchased his grey waistcoat! With its rolled sleeves, I could now work on projects properly attired! Thank you both!

But time went on and I decided that I needed variety. Well, imagine my delight when I entered Miss Eladrienne Laval‘s shop in Mayfair.

Just a hint of lavendar

She has some of the most handsome waistcoats I’ve yet seen. As a matter of fact, I find that with a little creativity, one can combine her vests with other pieces within my wardrobe and have all the variety I need! I can be formal, casual or, dare I say, just a little provocative.

ELaval’s Thom Waistcoat

The details are exquisite. Fine, subtly-patterned silk backs give a hint of elegance, yet bold patterns bring out your expressive side. I particularly like the look of the pockets. They seem to possess a wonderful realism. Her vests are all very classy yet fine for the common man. Even those as uncouth as I, are bound to look their best in her waistcoats.

The first ELaval Waistcoat I purchased

Do yourself a favour and visit Miss Laval’s haberdashery. You won’t regret it!

Miss Laval’s Haberdashery

Although you are not used to me gushing about clothing, expect to see more reviews in the future. You may not agree with me always, but that will not deter me. If I like something, I’ll tell you my honest opinion and let you decide. After all, diversity of opinion is a key to progress.


4 thoughts on “Fine Waistcoats by E.Laval

  1. Oh my goodness, Mr. Writer! Thank you ever so much for your wonderful thoughts about my pieces! I genuinely love what I do and really enjoy creating them, so it is always nice to hear that others appreciate them too!

  2. And appreciate them, I do, Miss Laval! In fact, they seem to capture my Victorian sensibilites, yet are vivid enough for today’s gentleman. Of course, your attention to detail is quite clear in the shadows and seams.

  3. Mr. Writer,

    I heartily concur with your description of Miss Lavals waistcoats. I find them to be a cornerstone of my wardrobe. By the way, Sir, I find your entries to be well thought out and with just a touch of whimsey. All in all, an excellent value for the time.

  4. Wow, thank you for your kind words, Mr Margulis! Some days, I can’t help but think that people roll their eyes at the drivel that spews forth from my fingertips as I type. It’s nice to know that there are people who find enjoyment from my writings. Thank you!

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