How do we get in?

This past Thursday, I hosted a Septemberfest dance as part of Steelhead and Caledon’s Harvest Festival. I had tremendous fun organizing the event and was happy it went off without a hitch. Or rather, I would have been happier had it gone off without a hitch. Apparently, it is important that people be able to find the place.

It all started when Commander Sputnick put out the call to all those in the Imperial Navy of Caledon to give hand to Her Grace of Loch Avie, Eva Bellambi in her efforts towards the Harvest Festival. It had been some time since my last party, so I offered to host a dance in my SteamSkyCity ballroom and the offer was happily accepted. After a smidgen of thought, I had decided upon a theme: Septemberfest. The name, cheekily enough, came about as it was still too early in September to use the more common Oktoberfest moniker. Yes, Oktoberfest begins in September, but that was not always so.

In support of the theme, both Lord Primbroke and I wore lederhosen, though I must say mine were a tad more modest! As a matter of fact and in support of the theme, I had travelled the heathen mainland in search of just the right outfit and purchased two pairs of lederhosen, one of which won out for the evening.

Lord Primbroke and I in Lederhosen

As for the aforementioned hitch, it seems that people have difficulty in finding the interior of the ballroom. I must admit that without windows on the exterior of the third floor of my gallery and ballroom, it isn’t easy from the outside to see where the fun is taking place. Add to that the fact that the upward conveyance device (the stairs) is in the back of the building, nestled nicely behind a wall. It keeps things tidy, but perhaps it is just a bit too hidden.

After the myriad calls for help in finding the ballroom, it became apparent that something must be done. I decided to make signs. Now, as anyone who knows me will know, I like Photoshop (whatever that is), but Photoshop does not like me. As an amateur photographer who loves working with black and white in the darkroom, digital photography (whatever that is) and the like are somewhat out of my realm of comfort. Strange, considering my RL career! Never the less, I decided I must make a go of it. I bit the proverbial bullet and whipped out a few signs. Now that wasn’t so bad, was it?

Sign on the rooftop entrance to the ballroom

Oh, and I think I mentioned my gallery just a bit ago. When I first started in SL, I decided to put up an art gallery to help support my addiction. Well, it seems that few people have found it very interesting. For my Canada Day celebration, changed the Writer Steam Works building on Aether Isle from a shop to a gallery and filled it full of old Canadian pieces depicting life and the environment of early Canada. For the Septemberfest dance, I was in need of building materials, thus had to take down the display. When creating and placing the signs, it became apparent that the gallery could be a good venue for SL steampunk art, so with that in mind, the facility has undergone yet another adaptation.

 Signs inside the building.

I would like to put out the call to Second Life artists who specialize in Steampunk or Victorian-era styled works of art. My gallery is now available to book showings and for permanent displays. Please IM Newbe Writer in world to arrange the details. Also, the Ballroom above is also available to be booked for events such as dances, weddings and receptions. Perhaps we could even convince one of the monks from the monastery in Stormhold to officiate at weddings.

Of course, with the new signage, it should now be quite apparent how one gets in.


4 thoughts on “How do we get in?

  1. Herr Writer,

    I happened to be perusing the Neufriestadt forums and one of the citizens was wondering where one might find lederhosen. I believe they wish to purchase in bulk to use as a souvenir offering…? No matter that – if you should be inclined, perhaps you could help them out.

    (It did strike me as odd that vaguely-Scottish Caledonians would have to tell Germanic peoples where to find their own ethnic clothing, though.)


    Klaus Wulfenbach
    Consulate of Europa Wulfenbach
    Kittiwick Town

  2. Baron, it would be my pleasure to help out. I found the set in the picture in Muenchen City at Rabea Design. The surl (thanks to Ms Malaprop’s SLurlchatter) is There one may also find a few Dirndl outfits for the fraulines.

    Although little is know of my heritage, I am aware that one parent was of Scotish and one of German descent, thus the Germanic peoples should feel little embarrasment that I helped them to source their own ethnic clothing. 😎

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