It is seldom that I can be accused of being a man of few words, but the way I feel right now, the only word that readily comes to mind is “Argh!” Since shortly after my SL birth, I have been selling the odd item from one of my plots of land around the world. Well, selling isn’t quite the correct term. It is more apt to say that I’ve had various items up for sale. The other day, I decided to put my latest creation on the market: the Steampunk Skydiving Lift. It’s about time.

It quickly became apparent that something was wrong. The first person to buy it mentioned that the lift wouldn’t rez a second lift after the first launch. I checked the rights and although I set the rights of the lift to copy before placing it within the launch pad, the lift within the launch pad was set to no rights for the next user. Strange, that. I set the rights, repackaged, replaced the version in my onrez and SLExchange dropboxes and sent the update to the customer, as well as another customer that had bought since listing. I also sent it to a couple friends that had helped with the beta testing. Terrific.

Or so I thought. Within a few minutes, I received an IM from that second customer. She told me that the new one had no rights. Strange, that. I took a look and it appears she was right. Apparently I had copied the one for which I had fixed the rights and saved the copy. Of course, the rights for that one were not copied, so the one I gave to people was even more restricted than the original!! Jeepers! So I gave it another go. I pulled both the 4 seat and the 8 seat versions. I edited the rights for the box. I edited the rights for the launch pad in the box. I edited the rights for the lift inside the launch pad inside the box. I saved back to my inventory and rezzed a copy. So far so good. I gave her a copy of THAT one and then promptly updated my onrez and SLExchange vendors.

That customer did not have time to try it out, but said she would try later. I haven’t heard back, so I’m hoping for no news is good news. Grumble. Double grumble. No, TRIPLE grumble.

The permissions system in SL is useful and I’m sure there are those who’ve mastered it, but I am not among them. This learning by trial and error is frustrating, I must say. Such is life, I suppose.

On the plus side, I am VERY glad that I had switched to onrez and SLExchange prior to this. Their reports are very handy to determine just who has purchased a particular item. The Hiro freebie vendors are nice and my hat goes off to him for them, but if you have multiple selling locations, the one-stop management makes all the difference.


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