I can be so silly sometimes

I’ve been known to procrastinate and I’ve been promising myself that I would do something about it, but I never seem to get around to it. I have at least thirty partially complete projects on the go. I have a prefab house design that just needs a new door script for it to be released. It’s been sitting in my shop for a few weeks patiently waiting. Procrastination is bad.

Some time ago, I wrote about my new Steampunk Skydiving Lift. I’ve had it sitting on the roof of my ballroom and gallery in SteamSkyCity for quite some time, it too, patiently waiting for me to act. It was mostly ready, but it had this long lingering bug where it would occasionally not launch. If you gave it a push, “whoosh!” and off it would go. But it needed that fixed.

Ok, admittedly, I’ve been busy. Those that know me know that I’ve had an event or two in RL that have taken my concentration away. Never the less, I needed to give myself a push such that I would similarly go “whoosh!” So to speak.

The other day, I got set up with onrez as a vendor. I am SO happy I did so! It is now of little effort to list my products for sale. Yes, there are the ever present photography sessions. There’s the twiddling within Photoshop, whatever that is, to make the images look just so. But listing items at multiple locations is now quick and simple! Let us not forget that web sales can be a wonderful side effect.

Ad copy for the Steampunk Skydiving Lift

Today, after much delay, I have finally placed the Steampunk Skydiving Lift up for sale! What surprised me most is that within 30 minutes of its listing, I had my first sale.

I really should have done this sooner. I must stop this procrastination. Tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “I can be so silly sometimes

  1. Thank you, Lord Primbroke. After Thursday’s dance, when so many people had asked directions to enter the ballroom, I’ve added a some signage. I’ll write about it shortly!

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