My new Stormhold plot’s here!

Stormhold is here! Wee! Suddenly, I had a flashback to Steve Martin, whoever he is, exclaiming “The new phone book’s here! The new phone book’s here!” Although I might lack his wit, I share his enthusiasm. Today, I took delivery of my new plots of land nestled upon the mountain range in Stormhold. It overlooks the valley below and Tanglewood in the distance. I couldn’t be happier (in SL).

When I took delivery of my plot in SteamSkyCity at its opening, I had my building ready to drop in place. I was lucky to be able to fit the full build within my shop in Janus on the mainland, thus could work unhindered until completion. This time, I’ve taken upon myself the challenge of creating a build that will become a favoured tourist destination. As such, and noting that I seem to lack an entire mountain range in my Janus shop, I find the act of building to stretch my already stretched creative capacity.

Ok, those that have seen my builds so far are probably saying “But Newbe, you buildings are merely boxes. That doesn’t take much creative capacity.” Yes, but this one is different. This one I intend to make visually appealing and have depth to the build as well. I want people to say “Ok, Newbe, that doesn’t completely suck.” Yes, I strive for the best.

Regardless of the build, I intend to keep it fitting within the aesthetic of the land. My first thought was to make a Jetson’s-styled brothel, complete with robots and a dumb dog. Just kidding. No, I’m thinking monastery. But Caledon is Victorian Steampunk. I suppose I must somehow make that fit.


3 thoughts on “My new Stormhold plot’s here!

  1. Thank you, Miss Laval! You are too kind! I find, even battling lag, building is so relaxing, especially in one of your fine waistcoats.

    Now, steampunk monastery bordello. Hmmm… That has potential. Well, I am planning to put a few tricks here and there. So to speak.

    Once the main part is mostly complete, I expect I will need to begin excavating. You never know what you might find buried deep within the mountains of Caledon.

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