The Caledon Historical Society

Since the day I first set foot on the telehub in Victoria City, I have been amazed by the creativity, skill, hospitality, generosity and humour of the citizens of Caledon. I have found a community that feels like what I have always thought a community should feel like. If one takes a stroll through the various neighbourhoods, one imagines oneself in another time and another place. A time and place where people understand the importance of each others virtues. Caledon is a land full of variety and excitement.

But, if one looks closer, Caledon reveals variety and excitement beyond the surface. In one plot, you might find a simple furniture store, but nudge the rug over slightly and a new world appears. The other day, I revisited a hidden gem of Victoria City with my friend, Miss Eladrienne Laval. Ok, generally sewers aren’t considered gems, but without preordained knowledge of their existence, one would not expect them to be there, so their mere being comprises the gem quality. After all, the sewers do not really function as sewers per se. There are precious few privies in VC and storm run off hasn’t been of crucial concern as of late.

Me in the Sewer

As I’ve mentioned previously, I have also had the good fortune to explore the ruins of Fort Caledon just prior to their demise. I took precious few photos, but those that I have, I shall cherish. I can tell my virtual grandchildren of my visit to the ruins. “Oh what a beautiful site it was, kids, ” I’ll say. “You should have seen it.” I’ll bring out the dusty archives to show them but a glimpse of what was. “After all, in my day . . . .”

This is my day. Actually, it is our day. Our day to remember and our day to pass on to our virtual progeny. Which brings me to my point: the Caledon Historical Society. It has become abundantly clear that Caledon is resplendent with its wonderful writing talent, assuming one ignores my hack prose. A quick perusal through the many blogs will clearly show this. The idea behind the Caledon Historical Society is to document and preserve the history that we are building. Sharing notes, discussing ideas, impromptu raves, all in the name of allowing us to pass on to our kin the would we live in today, even thought that world will ultimately evolve.

I’ve created the group called Caledon Historical Society with the very kind permission of our Guvnah, Desmon Shang. The charter is simple so far: It is our goal as active citizens of the Independent State of Caledon to promote, document, develop and support the creation and maintenance of sites of historical importance within our beautiful land. Of course, that is open to discussion.

I encourage everyone interested in helping to fulfill the charter to join and pitch in where you can. Projects that I can see thus far could include, through blog or machinima (or other!), the documentation of the various other hidden gems. Or the scripters and the builders and the artisans can get together to plan interesting new builds. Just a thought. If you do wish to help with this in any way, please IM me in world and I will invite you to join the group. I’m new at this group thing, so I’m not opening it up for everyone to join until I’m sure I’ve done it right!  😎

Join now! Join often!


4 thoughts on “The Caledon Historical Society

  1. Dear Mr Writer,

    What a fine endeavor. I will IM you for an invitation.

    I will take this public opportunity, however, to endorse, which is a wiki devoted to documenting SL history. There are already a number of pages devoted to Caledon, and I hope that the Caledon Historical Society will continue to make use of its pages. (Bearing in mind that it, like the ruins of Fort Caledon itself, are made possible by persons unknown to me, and backup systems are always a good idea.)

  2. Thank you, Your Grace!

    Most definately is a fine medium and I hope that we can channel our devotion to supporting it through content. I concur with your endorsement of

    With that said, although I started the group, I do not feel I am the one to define our goals. I am but a simple immigrant to Caledon and merely wish to do my share to help build upon our sense of community. Once we have enough members such that we can say that a fair consensus can be reached, the group should decide which ways are ultimately best to promote and preserve Caledon’s history.

    Vivat Caledon!

  3. Mr. Writer,
    I am so pleased that you have had the chance to visit our sewer system. Mr. Epsilon and I have been hard at work over the last week, and I believe you will find more interesting items beneath the streets of Victoria City, Caledon. Our network is growing, as several neighbors have opted to be connected to the sewer system, so more tunnels will soon be opened. We expect to open a speakeasy, in addition to some less reputable establishments.
    Thank you for featuring our little project, and happy exploring!

    Miss Bryndal Ellison

  4. Miss Ellison,

    Some time ago, when I first found the sewers by lucky happenstance, I was quite intrigued. I was very glad to see that they were still intact and I will endeavor to visit them again soon to see the changes. Thank you for this fine monument within Caledon!


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