And the Disappointment Sets In…

First, let me make this perfectly clear: Caledon is a beautiful place. It is quite irrelevant of which Caledon one speaks. It could be Caledon in Ontario, Canada. Perhaps the legendary forest of Caledon in Scotland. Or, more directly in this case, the Independent State of Caledon in Second Life. Unfortunately, beauty can be fleeting.

Upper Part of the Caverns below Fort Caledon

Don’t get me wrong. Caledon is still beautiful, but it seems that we have lost a landmark. I was quite disturbed to hear mention that the ruins of Fort Caledon were missing. Certainly, this must have been in err. I was there just over a week ago with Miss Vi Paravane and Col. Exrex Somme. I was most impressed with the detail with which the developer had created the environment. So impressed, in fact, that I had decided to tour all of Caledon in search of its hidden gems. There are many.

The Lower Cavern under Fort Caledon

Upon hearing the news, I was shocked to see the land returned to normal. Yes, the ruins appear no longer. The land is flat and clean. The parcel meters are locked. Most disappointing, I must say, and I’m sure many others share my disappointment.

I’ve thought, though my funds are currently limited, of petitioning the Guvnah to see if the land could be bought and the site rebuilt, though perhaps even more whimsically. Perhaps if enough people banded the funds together ($50us/month tier for the two 4096m parcels), we could create a group of historians, builders, scripters, artisans and the like to rebuild this national monument (unless this is already in the works, in which case, never mind). We could donate our services to maintain other landmarks around the region. Anyone interested? I’ll gladly donate my time and what funds I can spare.


4 thoughts on “And the Disappointment Sets In…

  1. Thank you, Your Grace, for your support. I’ve sent the following to Guvnah Shang:


    Hello Mr Shang,

    I find myself quite saddened to see that the Ruins of Fort Caledon have disappeared, not to mention the observatory on the hill next to it. I would like to propose, assuming others haven’t already done so, the creation of an Historical Society devoted to building and rebuilding Caledon landmarks. To that end, if the land is not already spoken for, is there a chance that if I could gather sufficient names, that we could take on the task of rebuilding the Ruins on the old site? I would be quite willing to be the guaranter of tier and to buy the land in the name of the (as yet unnamed) Caledon Historical Society, relieving the state of the need to ensure sufficient funds to cover tier. I’m sure that we can find enough builders, scripters, artisans and others to help with the reconstruction, perhaps on an even grander scale.

    Caledon has given me inspiration and has accepted me as one of its own. I feel that I need to give back to the community in a meaningful way. If you feel that this proposal has merit, I’d be willing to discuss further. Further, if such a project is already underway, please do call on me to help in the reconstruction. Though newer to SL and Caledon than many, I’m a reasonably decent builder and scripter and would be very happy to apply these skills towards the betterment of Caledon, for any project or development.

    Many thanks,



    I’m hoping that enough of Caledon’s talented citizens can come together and join the Caledon Historical Society. The society will be a democratic group where we will have regular meetings to discuss issues and developments and conduct polls to determine direction.


  2. Well, it looks like the Ruins of Fort Caledon may be gone for good. Guvnah Shang is also saddened by the loss of a landmark, but has encouraged us to use our creativity and skills on our builds elsewhere to not recreate what we’ve lost, but to create new features. Never the less, I shall miss the Ruins, but I am glad that I had the chance to explore them before they were gone.

  3. Oh, for goodness sake! I loved that place! To think that we may have been the last visitors saddens me more. I wonder how many passersby never discovered the riddles that opened its wonderful secrets.

    What a pity. I do not remember who owned the plot. I should like to thank that clever person for the pleasant time we spent there!

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