Pondering the Land Glut . . .

An interesting thing happened on the way to the forum. . . . Ok, I wasn’t on my way to the forum, but I had an experience that was interesting, none the less. I met a casino operator. Rather, I met a former casino operator. She was blue, both in skin tone and in spirits.

As a few of my SL friends know, I have a couple plots on the mainland. I have an art gallery that looks rather Edwardian, In the basement with the foreboding exterior, I have my new lounge with a Victorianesque interior, there is my somewhat imposing workshop (no windows on the outside, nor doors, for that matter) and my little park with the marble monument to Caledon. In all, I’ve been hovering under 8000m, but lately, I’ve been getting low on building resources (prims), so I’ve been biding my time until someone was willing to sell in the sim.

On Sunday, a plot of 1024m changed from a couple random gaming machines to a couple for sale signs, though strangely, the land was listed as not-for-sale. As I was just about 1300m from the next tier level, I thought I’d ask the owner what the price of the land was. I was asked for an offer, but I got no response. I assumed my offer was too low. Other plots in the sim seem to go for about L$20/m and up. Way up, though those prices are quite unrealistic. I was about to increase my offer slightly when I saw a green dot hovering above the land.

I checked the plot again and this time the title included a price. I was quite surprised to see that the price was lower than my offer, though the land was still not listed for sale. As it happens, the green dot over the land was an officer of the group that owned the land and she said that as casino operators, they are selling off all their mainland land. I said I would like to purchase that plot, so I am now 144m below the next tier!  😎  But that isn’t the interesting part.

I chatted for a while with this lady and was very impressed with her eloquance. He had presented to me a viewpoint that I hadn’t been exposed to prior. As a casino operator, she felt that she was misled by LL as they had encouraged casinos early on and had also supplied open-source slot machines. Of course, her view is clearly that of someone who has lost her primary source of SL income. Her group still owns two sims that they rent out, but that generally just covers their costs. Their main source of income was their casinos.

Her view was quite pessimistic regarding SL’s future. She commented that the L$ was going down in value and that land prices are sinking at a ridiculous rate. They are, but I don’t agree that it is all due to the loss of gaming. After all, LL just released a bazillion new sims (yes, I know, you told me a million times: “Never exaggerate!”) at auction and the new land owners are trying to flip to make a quick buck. Heck, I’ve even thought of buying a sim or two for a themed rental region. Sort of the dark side of Steampunk with a bit of Gothic architecture thrown into the mix. Then I realized that I’d have to pay tier for a period until the region is built, so I’m putting that idea on hold for now. Besides, with the combined downward pressure due to casino operations closing and a significant increase in available land, will prices continue to go down? I never expected to get a plot in my area for less than L$10/m.

I’d still like to do the build, but until I can be better assured that I won’t go broke in the process, I will have to hold off. Now if only I had a rich relative or someone that just likes to invest in a get-rich-extremely-and-ridiculously-slowly scheme. . . .


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