The Lab Lounge

Many years ago, I had an idea that one day I would like to own a pub. Not a biker bar or a peeler joint, whatever they are, but a nice, old, English pub. On the television, whatever that is, I saw a program segment about a pub in England called “Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem” and I fell in love. I decided one day to open a pub with just that sort of feel. Well, I haven’t done that, but I’ve decided to bring a little civility to the mainland and have just opened The Lab Lounge in Janus.

    Interior of The Lab Lounge in Janus

A simple place, nestled in the basement of Newbe’s Classic Art & Maps, The Lab Lounge grew from a dirt-floored place to build stuff into a Victorian-themed pub where people can just hang out. I’m thinking of renting out the space for the odd event. So far, it is somewhat spartan, but that keeps room for people to mingle. Surprisingly, Janus is a remarkably low-lag sim for the mainland, so I expect events to work rather nicely. Or course, Janus is a PG sim, therefore the events are not likely to become one of “those” dances.

    Exterior of The Lab Lounge in Janus

Just outside is the monument I got at the RFL fair some time ago. It was auctioned off and I’ve found a nice home for it. The idea is to make it into an infohub of sorts where visitors can find information about Caledon and links, but time has been limited as late, thus it is currently a large lawn ornament. Though quite a nice one at that.


2 thoughts on “The Lab Lounge

  1. Thank you Your Grace. I would be quite happy to have you visit my humble tavern! I’ve currently turned the bar off as I need to determine if alcoholic beverages are acceptable in a PG sim. 😎

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