Busy as a Beaver

And no, that is NOT an innuendo. It seems that my virtual life has gotten somewhat busy as late. So busy, in fact, that I have not been quite able to write. Never the less, I must do so now as I cannot allow time to pass further before thanking everyone who attended my Canada Day celebration on Sunday evening. Even after the griefer with a poorly-designed appendage made an appearance; even after my computer, whatever that is, horribly crashed just as the music stream changed; even though I did not get to thank everyone in person because I was trying desperately to return to the venue, I was delighted that everyone came to share the evening. Thank you all for making the evening a celebration!

The evening prior, I spent three hours trying to find just the right clothing for the event. It’s a sad state when a Victorian gentleman such as myself (no snickering please), cannot find a single Mountie outfit. Nor could I find a proper lumberjack outfit, nor fisherman, voyageur nor gold panner. Sure, I could have dressed up as Mork or a Vampire, but I was hoping for something stereotypically Canadian. Alas, I relied on my trusted tuxedo from Acedia. As dapper as it is, I really wanted a mac.

Oddly, I’ve heard rumours spreading throughout the land that I was seen in a kilt! I deny it. Those pictures are carefully crafted forgeries, I tell you! Don’t you believe them. Nor for a second. In my best southern accent, I say “I do not recall wearing a kilt.” But, I must say I was impressed to see so many dancers fit upon a flying carpet.

The next morning, it was right back to work. Not RL work, as it was a holiday, but SL work. Research. Fact finding. Looking for stuff in all the wrong places. It’s funny, but I rather enjoy researching topics on the Internet, whatever that is. This time I needed to find tents in use by the military during the Victorian era. If one digs deep enough, one can find nearly anything. It also helps to have a large collection of rather arcane books surreptitiously sitting, holding the book shelves firmly in place. One never knows the true purpose of a book until one pulls it off the shelf, blowing years of accumulated dust from the edge. They hold information. Yes, they do.

Well, with much research completed, I’ve managed to design a tent or two, though I don’t have any pictures to show you, as SL is currently doing a rolling reboot and I’m just too tired to deal with it just now. C’est la vie.

And with that research out of the way, I decided, upon the spur of the moment, to purchase another parcel of land. This one is upon the flying city part of SteamSkyCity. I’ve been patiently waiting for the day that one would come available and one did! Woohoo! I now have a storefront, although currently without stock. As I was quite ill two days ago, I took the time of recovery to create a new building for the plot. I’m quite proud of this one, more so for the steam lift that I whipped up that day. It was much easier than I had expected. Of course, the vast emptiness shall soon be filled with wares for sale.

Oh, on Monday, I met a distant cousin! Previously, I was unaware of any relatives, as I grew up in the wilderness of the colony of British Columbia and my virtual parents never admitted to any other relations. KraKra Writer happened upon me as I was cleaning up after Sunday’s festivities. It seems she is a very talented designer, as I have seen a couple of her dresses and a couple airships! Welcome to Caledon, cousin!

It certainly has been a busy week. I had hoped to have the last few bugs worked out of both the steam moon ship and the steampunk sky-jump lift, but time has not proven available. I do intend to have them finished within the next week. I have a few other projects on the go, so I do hope I find time for everything. It seems I truly am as busy as a beaver. Lucky that I’m Canadian. You’ve got to love a country who’s national animal is the beaver. <wink, wink>


5 thoughts on “Busy as a Beaver

  1. We all had a glorious time, Mr. Writer, as for the kilt now, noone will certainly tell you what to remember and what not 😉

  2. Ahhh, the joy of parties in SL! I held a horror party on my wee plot of land some weeks back – it happened to coincide with the big US rush (around 9pm GMT here in the UK) and the start of the 45,000-users-on-at-once-equals-DOOOOM! phase. The whole thing, carefully crafted for 3 weeks and costing me several thousand Lindens, was a total wash-out. Nothing worked, no one could come (or stay for long, or move far), chat was borked and the whole thing has all the atmosphere of a slow descent into slumber after a heavy meal.

    I’ve given parties a wiiiide berth since then, preferring instead to explore 🙂

  3. Hi HeadBurro,

    Although I’ve experienced lag during the parties that I’ve hosted, I haven’t experienced anything like what you described. Perhaps I’ve been lucky. As a matter of fact, the parties that I have attended thus far, all within Caledon, have been quite successful. Yes, lag can be a bit burdensome, but acceptable. After all events with a large turnout tend to slow things down a bit, but that hasn’t soured me towards hosting such events. After all, the community bonding they promote is well worth the little inconvenience.

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