We Have Liftoff . . . Again!

Huzzah! It has become quite apparent that new skin makes vehicles work. I woke up this morning and the answer came to me. At first, due to the fact that it was morning and mornings aren’t meant for thinking, let alone answering questions, I dismissed it. But as I became somewhat more coherent, I realized that the answer was to the question of how to make the moon space ship work.

It was at that point that I realized: I am spending entirely too much time in world. After forcing myself up, I slowly sauntered down the stairs, made a cup of tea, sat down at the computer, whatever that is, and made the change. Eureka, it worked! It became immediately apparent that I was successful as the chair finally told me that I was seated and the other chairs didn’t tell me that I just stood up. Stupid chairs!

I headed over to WSW to replace the version perched precariously upon the rooftop with the new, improved (read functional) version and took it for a ride. As the vessel slowly came to a stop at the planned apogee of 1250m, I smiled a devilish grin. Well, I didn’t actually smile as my face doesn’t actually move, but I smiled on the inside none the less. Check this out:

The WSW Moon Space Ship at Takeoff    The WSW Moon Space Ship During Flight   The WSW Moon Space Ship at Apogee

Now I just have to finish the sky-jump lift in time for the weekend. After all, Canada Day would simply not be the same without falling from a perfectly stable platform in the sky only to cheat death due to the help of a little bit of cloth. Perhaps I should have fireworks on Sunday evening along with rides in either the rocket or on the sky-jump lift. Any takers? Is it too late to plan for a last-minute party to celebrate the 140th year of the founding of my nation? Oh, how could I ask such a question. This is Caledon and it is NEVER too late to have a party.


5 thoughts on “We Have Liftoff . . . Again!

  1. It looks like the party is on. I just need to find a source of music. As for a theme… think lumberjack, trapper, voyager, Victorian. Anything that might have been in vogue around July 1st, 1867 in the colonies that formed the federal dominion of Canada or the rest of the provices that were soon to join.
    Ok, so steam-powered rockets weren’t exactly “real”, but who’s keeping tabs?? 😎
    The party will start at 6pm SLT on July 1st (immediately following the Caledon Eyre Opening celebration) and run until 8pm. Of course, it will keep going after that as long as people want to hang about!

  2. Make certain you contact Her Grace Carntaigh to add this to the Caledon Even Calendar, there might still be time to do so!

  3. I sent Her Grace a notecard this morning about the event (and asking if she can point me in the right direction for a dj), but her website says she is on hiatus for a few days, so I’m hoping I’m not too late to do so. Gotta love last minute planning!

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