To the Sky and Back . . .

It would appear that I have very little control over my time management with respect to creating new contraptions. On Thursday afternoon, Her Grace, the Duchess of Primverness and Lovelace, CoyoteAngel Dimsum uttered a plea for someone to create a steam punk skydiving lift. Well, I quite enjoy virtually plummeting towards Earth from way up and had long thought of building such a device, so I stopped setting up my RL web sites and began the task. I’ve created it and while it does manage to attain great altitude, graceful, quick and efficient it is not

With all its steamy goodness, it still has a few kinks to work out. First, it goes up and down. Fair enough. It goes forward and back. This is not necessary, but has come in handy during the development process. One slight problem is that after it has achieved its destined altitude, it stays there. Somewhat inconvenient to have a floating platform that high above the clouds. Well, perhaps once all occupants have left, I could have the unit return to its home location.

The Writer Steam Works Steampunk Sky Diving Lift

But, it does fit the bill quite nicely. With four steam venturies, sufficient thrust is maintained to achieve altitudes hitherto unexplored. Perhaps, as one may wont to do, it could even manage the flight to the moon. Wouldn’t that be an exciting adventure?


3 thoughts on “To the Sky and Back . . .

  1. OOOoohhh! Please do let me know when this is done. I believe it was my terribly out of time skypod that precipitated the call for a far more SteamPunk one. I will happily be your first customer! Now if some wonderful designer will please come with suitable clothing in which a Caledonian Lady may comfortably jump!

    L. Beaumont
    Caledon Kittiwichshire

  2. Ah Miss Beaumont, perhaps I might be in need of a beta tester soon?

    As for clothing, alas, I cannot help. Some days I can barely dress myself. 😎 Although, for a Victorian gentleman, I find that a nice tuxedo works adequately as I ripple in the wind.

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