Scripting for a Faster Today

It would appear, at least to me, that as of late, Caledon SteamSkyCity has been getting slower. This does, of course, make sense. It is a land rich in visual stimulation, both in the form of builds and due to scripts. As far as scripts go, I must admit, I might have played a small part. But that is changing.

This is not to say that the problem is isolated to SteamSkyCity. No, far from it. If you’ve taken a stroll through Victoria City lately, I’m sure you’ve experienced it as well. It’s not as bad, but an issue none the less.

Slow performance in the form of lag can be caused by a number of factors. Complex builds with many prims need time to materialize. Hi resolution textures, though beautiful, take time to transfer to one’s computational engine. Active scripts can, if not written carefully, can cause significant slowdowns. In the last couple days, I’ve been rewriting all my scripts to minimize their effects upon the sim in which they reside.

At Writer Steam Works, there are a couple smoke stacks. There is a working forge that produces both smoke and fire. The steam boiler has a visible “fire” within. There are doors, each fully operational. Simple vendors are also within the building and the sign above the front entrance is also my online indicator.

Sign in front of Writer Steam Works

Well, I have rewritten most of the scripts so far, with others to follow. Although they weren’t horrendously lag generating, they certainly did not help the situation. Now, all particle scripts can be started and stopped by the owner. The fire in the boiler can be turned on or off by just clicking. I haven’t yet noticed a substantial difference in SteamSkyCity, but if we all pitch in, perhaps we can make a difference together.


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