Fling for the Cure

My head is all a-whirl after yesterday’s festivities. The festivities of which I speak comprised the Caledon Triathlon for the Second Life Relay for Life.

The day started with the frantic attempt to prepare for the regatta. Perhaps the time was a tad early and the weather too nice around the globe, but attendance was somewhat lower than that which I had hoped. Never the less, it was a terrifically fun and informal event emphasizing just how slow my sailboat really is. I was lapped twice by an innertube. How embarrasing!

The next event, Miss Tombola‘s Tour de Caledon, was a delightful tour through our fine country. Most riders favoured Miss Tombola’s 1894 Sterling (Please do see her offerings at La Bicyclette, as they are simply splendid), although there was a dangerously tall, high wheel bicycle ridden by Mr Smashcan and a somewhat more efficient model of a revolutionary design masterfully swung about by Mr Margulis during a spasmodic event correographed to Harry Belafonte’s Banana Boat Song. Although entertaining, one cannot help but feel that perhaps medical attention might be in order to alleviate such an affliction. Then again, perhaps not as his condition did not seem to negatively affect his ability to pedal through the streets of Caledon, as he finished an admirable second place, behind Miss Gustafson. Well done, both of you!

The third event in the aptly named triathlon was perhaps the least traditional, though perhaps the most lofty. Many were in attendance for the Catapult race hosted by Mr Avalanche and Mr O’Toole, as competitors flung themselves across the nation by means of several catapults strategically located in various parts of the land. Part of the event required that one take the location of the next catapult, as the actual landing, or should that be splatting point of each fling, was not scientifically determined. I suggest that this event should be considered by the Lindens as a required method for learning navigation throughout SL. Apart from the occasional crash into an inconveniently located building, difficulties were enhanced by the time it took for things to mystically materialize. Splatting into an unseen building can be somewhat disorienting. Of course, proper attire was necessary. I was dressed as a monk, for I hoped the will of our maker to help me from creating too large a mess at landing would come in handy. As the catapult is more commonly a medieval weapon of unexpected transportation, it was nice to see medieval dress in attendance. The Mirandas were also particularly apt.

      Caledon Triathlon Ball and Writer Steam Works

To end the day’s festivities, many gathered in my humble premises in Caledon SteamSkyCity. It was the first event to be hosted in my small ballroom and I was quite apprehensive whether we would manage to all fit in. Although cozy, the room appeared to be adequately sized, though I fear I must post signs as to how to enter the ballroom as the stairs, in the back, are somewhat inconspicuous.

 I thank all those who came out and appreciate the kind words, though I must confess that the talented Miss Lapin Paris is deserving of the bulk of the credit, for it is she who layed out the ballroom. I provided a bare room apart from the ill-stocked bar and radio. I must also thank the Duchess of Caledon Carntaigh, Gabrielle Riel, for providing both the music courtesy of Radio Riel and the dances. I do hope to host many more events, should there be such demand.


6 thoughts on “Fling for the Cure

  1. Thank you for your participation Mr. Writer! Your efforts were very much appreciated. I do hope you will host other dances in the upcoming social season.
    -sincerely, Miss Paris

  2. Thank you for the wonderful account, Mr. Writer. And thanks doubly for your hospitality on Saturday. I rather liked how the catapault race played out, myself– part orienteering exercise and part willy-nilly headlong flight from one sim to the next.

    We should do this again!


  3. Thank you very much Miss Paris. It is you who has my complete gratitude! Any time that I can be of service, I will endeavour to do so. I just hope that I should be able to achieve a level of success in such events such that I might aspire to the inspiration you have provided.


  4. A lovely account of a splendid day! Again, many thanks for providing the venue for the ball. It was appreciated by all!

    Miss Diamanda G.

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